A brilliant new reading of the Bayeux Tapestry that radically alters our understanding of the events of and reveals the astonishing story of the surviva. For more than years the Bayeux Tapestry has preserved one of history’s greatest dramas: the Norman Conquest of England, culminating in. The Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered in the late 11th century. As an artefact, it is priceless, incomparable – nothing of its delicacy, texture, let alone wit, survives .

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With little evidence to form any conclusions, here would have been a great time to present personal theories. These are questions Bridgeford deals with in a detective’s style. Account Options Sign in. I’m still looking for the book about hostory sewing techniques used on the Bayeux Tapestry – all I’ve found to date is: Affects that will continue to linger for many years to come. The second half got into more detail than I needed. Maybe it’s this unease with ambiguity that leads us to make histories, to get down on pa When the “Sopranos” ended last year, the show simply cut to black in the middle of a scene.

Thank you to the author for introducing me to the tapestry, its history, the history of the Norman conquest and the fun detective work to untangle all the mysteries. The Norman Conquest is a corner of history I stumbled on to fairly recently.

1066: The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry

And yet very few are named, histoy to mention there are so few women although one of them is named although nobody knows which one she is. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Overall I would recommend this book, but be prepared to have even more questions than before reading the book.


I generally approach historical nonfiction with a little trepidation; I have found I don’t know as much about history as I would like and am often a little befuddled when names of people and places are thrown around willy-nilly and I am expected to know who they are and why they’re important.

The Hidden History in the Bayeux Tapestry by Andrew Bridgeford

However by the end of the book the content tapextry so bare and his voice very wishy washy. Refresh and try again. In particular, the BT makes recurrent references to places and persons of Brittany. But getting the story “out of the way” is what author Bridgeford needed to do in order to get to the real thrust of his arguments.

Jul 19, John rated it really liked it Recommended to John by: The author’s explanations and descriptions had me studying an online copy of the Tapestry while I read and I’m hoping I get to see the actual tapestrt one day.

It’s yidden therefore that its designer, probably the master illuminator Abbot Scolland, received input from several of the leading participants in the various events it depicts.

He comes up hiztory some very interesting theories and clearly has done his research, but sometimes with 11th century history, you just can’t prove things. I thoroughly enj Thank you to the author for introducing me to the tapestry, its history, the history of the Norman conquest and the fun detective work to untangle all the mysteries.


Who actually commissioned the tapestry to be made?

Because really, he can probably never be proved wrong, and as an expert on the topic I may be naive, but writing a book on a topic should make you qualified as something of an expert This was my first exposure to the Bayeux Tapestry as well. He lives on the Isle of Jersey in the United Kingdom.

The book is organized so that the most concrete evidence is discussed first. Selected pages Page xiv.

When interpreting the tapestry while reading an English source, of course you are going to see an English story! I didn’t know about this tapestry until I learned about this book in yhe of those desktop calendars: By reading this book, I learned that many of my previous misconceptions were untrue.

The Best Books of I think his ideas are very good an Andrew Bridgeford takes a very thorough look at the events ofwhich lead to the Norman Conquest teh England. Additionally, the influence of the Tapestry on more recent times is described, which is a fascinating story all its own. But is this true?