Toyota Camry Service Repair Manual (RMU) PDF Free Download. Language: English Format: PDF Size: Mb. View and Download Toyota Camry repair manual online. Camry Automobile pdf manual download. Toyota Camry Deluxe – Sedan L Manual | Car specifications and features.

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However, specifications and proce- dures are subject to manuaal without notice. Illustration shows what to do and where to do it. The task heading tells mnual to do. The detailed text tells how to perform the task and gives other information such as specifications and warnings. During disassembly, keep parts in order to facilitate reassembly. Before performing electrical work, disconnect the negative cable four the battery terminal. Carefully observe all specifications for bolt tighten- ing torques.

Always use a torque wrench. Use of special service tools SST and special ser- vice materials SSM may be required, depending camrj the nature of the repair. Oil pump Body clearance 0. A lock-up is built into the torque converter. The AE transaxle is mainly composed of the torque converter, the 4-speed planetary gear unit, the differential, the hydraulic control system and the electronic control system.

By operation of the brake and one-way clutch, either manuual planetary carrier or the planetary sun gear are immobilized, altering the speed of revolution of the planetary gear unit.

Vamry will help avoid confusion from similar-looking parts of different subassemblies being on your workbench at the same time. Apply ATF to the oil seal ring. Install the oil seal ring to the piston. Do not spread the ring ends more than necessary.

Using a plastic hammer, remove the transfer as- sembly form the transaxle. Remove the bolt and pull out the speed sensor. Remove the O-ring from speed sensor.

AT Remove the five bolts and manual valve body with the manual valve. Remove the manual valve from the manual valve body. AT Disconnect the throttle cable from the cam and remove the valve body. Remove the cover and 199.

AT Remove the C accumulator piston. If the piston stroke exceeds the limit, inspect the second coast brake band See page AT Remove the thrust washer from direct clutch. If the piston does not move, disassemble and inspect. For the method of inspection, refer to page AT Remove the bearing from the ring gear. For the method of inspection, refer to AT AT Tap on the circumference of the overdrive case with a plastic hammer to remove the overdrive case and gasket.


Place SST, and compress the return spring evenly by tightening the bolt gradually. AT Remove the retaining spring. AT Slide out the shaft from the transaxle case and remove the manual valve lever and parking lock rod. AT Using a large screwdriver, remove the LH bearing retainer. AT Remove the two apply gaskets. AT Using pliers, pull out the drive pinion cap. Remove the O-rings from the cap.

Keep the gears in assembly order. Drive and driven gear thickness Mark Thickness 9. If the thickest gear can not make the side clearance within standard specification, replace the oil pump body Torque the eleven bolts.

Toyota Camry Service Repair Manual (RMU) | Free Download

Align the tab of the washer with the hollow of the pump body. AT Remove the piston return spring. Check that the valve does not leak by applying low-pressure manuwl air. Be sure the end gap of snap ring is not aligned with the spring retainer claw.

If the piston does not come out, use needle-nose pliers to remove it. Press the piston into the drum with the cup side up, being careful not to damage the O-rings. There manaul two different thicknesses for the flange. Remove the sun gear from the drum. If the clearance is greater than the maximum, replace If necessary, replace them. If the lining of the disc is exfoliated or discolored, or even a part of the printed numbers are de- faced, replace all discs.

Remove the piston return spring. If the lining of the disc is exfoliated or discolored, Printed or even a part of the printed numbers are de- Numbers Be sure end gap of snap ring is aligned with the groove of the clutch drum. AT Remove the retaining plate. AT While pushing down the ring gear, squeeze the snap ring end with needle-nose pliers, and install it into the groove.

The counter drive gear can be turned lightly. AT Install the two retainer on both sides of the one- way clutch. AT Install the one-way clutch into the overdrive plane- tary gear. AT Remove the retaining plate and two springs. Plate Remove the accumulator piston. Piston AT Remove the O-ring from the piston. Coat the O-ring with ATF. AT Install the accumulator piston, two manula and Plate retaining plate.

Toyota Camry Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Piston AT Using snap ring pliers, install the snap ring. If the overdrive planetary gear is properly installed onto the direct clutch, the counter drive gear height from the overdrive case will be about 24 mm 0. Accumulator Remove the B accumulator assembly. Remove the check ball on No. Be careful that the check balls and oil strainer do not fall out. When assembling the valve body, install the same number of 19911 rings as were removed.


camy Second coast modulator valve Width Thickness Height Retainer Lock-up relay valve 0. Retainer Height Width Thickness Primary regulator valve 0. Both gaskets are same one.

Install the B accumulator assembly. Install and torque the three bolts. Each bolt length mm, in.

Toyota 1991 Camry Repair Manual

Matchmarks AT Remove the sixteen bolts. AT Using a plastic hammer, tap out the ring gear. AT Using a plastic hammer, tap out the differential left case.

Remove the speedometer drive gear from the differential right case. AT Remove the two differential side gears, two side thrust washers, differential spider, four differential pinions and four pinion washers from the differential left case. Install the side gear and spider with four pinions to the differential left case. AT Using a dial indicator, measure the backlash of one pinion gear while holding the side gear.

The service is currently unavailable.

AT Using a torx wrench, install and torque the sixteen torx screws. Remove the twelve bolts and left case. Separate the left case and right case. Do not scratch the contact surface of the mamual bearing.

AT Apply compressed air to the right case hole to remove the No. Install the kanual O-rings to the reaction sleeve and pistons.

AT Manyal the No. Apply compressed air into the other hole and make sure that the pistons move. S Side gear thrust washer S Side gear S Four differential pinion gears S Four pinion gear thrust washers S Differential spider AT Using a dial indicator, measure the backlash of one pinion gear while holding the side gear to- ward the case. Align the flukes of the discs in the hydraulic multi- plate clutch.

Install the snap ring. AT Check the oil seal press in depth.