Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. THE 6SL7GT COMBINES TWO INDEPENDENT HIGH-MU TRIODES IN ONE ENVELOPE. IT. IS DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR PHASE INVERTER SERVICE. GE 6SL7 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here GE 6SL7 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. Main-Decoder.

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Everything is good now. Now suddenly we get regularly requests, we have regularly sales, even with prices go up, and no new stock arrives any more. These lots had satasheet survive decades as forgotten junk. So who believes this, thinks these tubes were stored for 60 years in a clean and dry stock room and all of that time, nobody needed them, and there was always enough room there, datassheet nobody kicked them out.

Looks like the above pictured tubes, but with etched gold printing.

Thank you for your awesome blog. Knowing this, there is something weird about somebody maintaining a dry storage for 60 years, storing tubes not a soul wanted to buy. This is a tube which needs no selection for balancing. What follows now, is an export Price List, valid for companies in the European Community with a VAT Identification number, and for companies or private persons outside the European Community. Original mA filament current tube. What does this seller say?


VinylSavor: Tube of the Month : The 6SL7

Tim C May 26, at 8: You need to understand what that does to supplies in stock rooms. From the official data sheet link here the difference can be seen when comparing it with the commercial version.

Plates are nicely long size, 20mm. We sell more 6SL7 as we can buy. Higher lifetime is produced by the higher filament current. Just take two, and it’s a pair!

A dry, maintained stockroom, has some yearly costs, and people clean it up and look around for free space.

So this is NOT what was produced by Philips ECG, “last time buy” from the ‘s, which usually has a black base, und used to pop up in the ‘s for very low cost. Like in the basement, a barn, or an attic. Click here for test data. Another one with black base but shorter glass:. The printing is 6xl7 clear and bright, also that looks datashdet printed on it just yesterday too.


GE 6SL7 Datasheet

Or at least try to determine which is the least microphonic if I ever build a phono stage around them. Lovely, much sought brown base, and colored printing. For half a century, they were regarded crap. Does it really explain THIS? Well fair enough with me: Military box, with date code and more information.

the new reference B amp

So after all to the junk yard, or perhaps he stores them at a place which cost almost nothing. Philipswhich is a Long Plate 6SL7, with some extra specifications, which made them useful as switching tubes.

NOS Siemens appeared suddenly out of nowhere, in massive quantities, in crispy new boxes, that look like made yesterday. Beautiful long plate version Indeed, another lovely set of photos. Even the fakers mafia jumped on the boat. What means “must have been