This manual describes the functions, operation, installation, and commissioning of the device 7SJ62/63/64 V and for 7SJ63 V The functionality of the. Function overview. Description. Siemens SIP · 5 OvercurrentProtection/ 7SJ 5. 5/ 5/ Protection functions. • Time-overcurrent. of Siemens AG. Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- fringe the.

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The operational equipment device, module may only be used for such applications as set out in the catalogue and the technical description, and only in combination with third-party equipment recommended or approved by Siemens.


Fast fault termi- nation thus has priority over selectivity aspects as the reclosing action aims at maintaining normal system op- eration. Reactance per Unit Length only for Fault Location The setting of the reactance per unit length is only important for the utilization of isemens line fault location function.

The “warm motor” condition is derived from the thermal storage of the restart inhibit see Section 2. For generators, motors and shunt reactors high-impedance protection can be used analogously. Hardware Modifications Mounting and Commissioning 3. De-energized Switching Functions 2.

Inverse Time Overcurrent Elements 51, 51n Functions 2. They are suited for networks that are radial or looped, and for lines with single or multi-terminal feeds. Disassembly Mounting and Commissioning 3. sienens

Siemens 7sj62 7sj6225 5eb90-1fe0/ff Fast

Communication branch A communications branch corresponds to the configuration of 1 to n users which communicate by means of a common bus.

Warning element I Alarm is naturally set below the tripping element, to approx. Testing User-defined Functions Mounting and Commissioning 3. Jumper settings for the contact mode of binary output BO6 are checked according to Table Furthermore, specific thresholds and settings of the select- ed function group are checked.


Page 85 Functions 2. Table Of Contents Contents 4. Page siemsns The operational equipment device, module may only be used for such applications as set out in the catalogue and the technical description, and only in combination with third-party equipment recommended or approved by Siemens. Motor and current transformer with the following data: In diemens, they must have the same transformer ratios and approximately identical knee-point voltage.

Changing this parameter also results in a polarity reversal of the ground current inputs I or I Figure The presetting of the jumpers corresponds to the configuration ordered.

Siemens 7sj62 7sj 5ebfe0/ff Fast | eBay

The measuring range in which these values are transmitted depend on the protocol and, if necessary, additional settings. The ones affected are described in the following. Current, voltage phase quantities 2 times pickup value approx. Page – A. Setting Notes Functions 2.

Failure to observe these precautions can result in death, personal injury, or serious material damage. Turn on more accessible mode. This may be, for example, the type of annunciation to be issued in the event of sifmens power system fault occurs. The logic diagram on the mode of operation in an isolated system is illustrated in Figure Fault recording is running 2.

Thus, for example, a rate-of-frequency-change protection or reverse power protection siemfns be implemented. Page 5 Preface Safety Information This manual does not constitute a complete index of all required safety measures for operation of the equip- ment module, deviceas special operational conditions may require additional measures. Page 49 Functions 2.


This is recognized as soon as the threshold value of the circuit breaker position detection parameter BkrClosed I MIN is exceeded in at least one phase. Glossary Protection devices All devices with a protective function and no control display. Page Glossary Double command Double commands are process outputs which indicate 4 process states at 2 outputs: The following information can therefore be displayed via the Web Monitor.

If the three phase currents and the ground current from the current transformer starpoint are connected with the device, the sum of the four digitized currents must be zero. The following relationship exists between the primary and the secondary power: Figure shows a ring system where both energy sources are merged to one single source.

Page 79 Functions 2. Table Initiating automatic reclosure The characteristics and associated formulas are given in the Technical Data. Installation Mounting and Commissioning 3. The same applies to 79AR 51 inst.

Set Points For Statistic Functions 2. Interface Modules Mounting and Commissioning 3. Oscillographic Fault Records Functions 2. The measurement values can be called via the navigation bar.

In general, to optimize the operation of the inputs, the pick- up voltage of the inputs should be set to most closely match the actual control voltage being used. Information with regard to the 7sj622 of setting values as well as formulas, if required, are also provided. For the latter setting, only two phase— phase voltages or only the displacement voltage V can be connected.