Last week I have discussed the GM 8AT and the ZF 9AT, today lets take a look at the Aisin AA80E, which is used in the Lexus IS, GS The engine is run on a MegaSquirt-2 controller and the transmission is is the Aisin AA80E used in Toyota Landcruisers and Lexus sedans. Home · catalogue · AA80E Transmission Catalogue. AA80E Transmission Catalogue. PDF Download download the PDF to open links in the document.

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Product arrived on time and was more or less as described. Transmission pan and drain plug removal This transmission is electronically controlled by an electronic shift control module.

8-Speed Automatic AA80E Transmission Assembly RWD LS – Pacific Motors

Connects to external oil cooler. Skip to Main Content Area. It is being used in a variety of Lexus vehicles as far back as and is now in the Cadillac CTS. Published every Monday and Thursday.

Drive and Reverse Idle: The solenoids are subject to failure from heat, vibration and voltage spikes. I will do business with you aging if in need of any BMW parts. And also the shifting operation scheme of the Aisin 8AT does provide a better response in some circumstances.

Clutch pressure should be close to line at full apply.

However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle the increased torque LS? If checking aa0e switch while in operation connector plugged in and you are back probing wire 17there will be less than 1 volt on this wire in 1st transnission 5th gears and will read near 12 volts in 6th, 7th and 8th. From left to right; the C1, C3 and C4 figure The vanity mirror on the sun visor of my E coupe broke, so I checked on eBay for a replacement.

  GOST 12820 PDF

I appreciate the time and willingness to work with me even though I was not a local buyer. Pacific Motors is Great!

Fill the transmission through the refill hole until fluid begins to trickle out from the. This 60 digit compensation code is used to improve the initial quality of the shift after the computer or transmission has been replaced.

Latest Transmission Titbit – Aisin AA80E

The advantage of Lepelletier System is: Purchased a spoiler off a GT Enjoy a free subscription to Motor Age magazine to get the latest news in service repair. More From Motor Age Bosch expands braking and rotating machine transmisxion lines to cover nearly 5 million vehicles.

It will then ask if you would like to set the compensation code or read the compensation code. John is a straight shooter. Bidding was painless and I am happy with the price I paid. The highest trim of ZF 8HP can handle up to lb-ft of torque. For your reference, the ZF 6-speed transmission 6HP32 weights around 99kg lbs. The used visor was not damaged and the vanity mirror and vanity light switch worked.

Toyoglide two speed automatic, largely based on GM’s Powerglide. I’m working on a personal project Jaguar XJL and they have everything I need at very reasonable prices.


Possible Problems To Look For In The AA80E Transmission

Parts I was interested in were as described, shipping was prompt and items well packed. There is an interesting tag on the transmission as shown in figure First time I’ve used them, now on my speed list for Bentley parts. The subject matter on this blog is meant for discussion and educational purposes only, and is not necessarily reflective of inventory currently offered by ETE Reman.

From this review of the solenoids and the clutch they transmussion you can see transmissioj are using three driving clutch assemblies and two brake clutch assemblies to achieve reverse and 8 speeds forward. This transmission also has a 20 percent high torque rating.

I installed it in 30 minutes and it looks like a brand new sunroof. Rotary Lift introduces new Flex Max wireless mobile column lift. Therefore the AA80E uses two gear sets strictly speaking there is 3 sets — because the compound set contains 2and 6 shifting elements — 2 brakes and 4 clutches no including an extra one-way clutch which prevents the rear planetary carrier from turning counterclockwise in gear 1.