In this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts of object- oriented programming and develop business applications with ABAP Objects. BC ABAP – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Goal of the ABAP Objects (BC) course is to strengthen your ABAP skills by gaining a full understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

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You can write this expression in any operand position. It then shows a screen that displays the contents of this table. Decide for yourself how to fill the attributes.

Szkolenia SAP

It cannot and does not change. Your next step is to change this.

From there, you can then raise an exception yourself. IP to ascertain whether or not the line to be read Q has specific column contents: A class is therefore a description of a quantity of objects characterized by the same structure and the same behavior.

If an error occurs, make sure the program terminates. A check is carried out to bc4401 that all the methods defined in the interfaces are actually present in the implementation part of the class for global interfaces, a missing or superfluous implementation of an interface method results in a warning.


BC401 ABAP Objects

You can have up to six external sessions open simultaneously in one terminal session. If a class providing friendship wants to access the non-public components of a friend, this friend has to explicitly provide friendship to it. The avap constructor is generated automatically. Conversely, using the following construction would deliver a runtime error: For these, the runtime system optimizes the runtime under the following condition: What is the role of this class?

Q is less than or equal to the number of all key fields. The customer data is therefore passed using an internal table and the transaction processed in the background. You cannot use inherited attributes or events in any way other than bx401 in the superclass, and you cannot change method semantics by redefinition. This will be discussed in more detail later. BC Col23 Object Programming.

Interface references always refer to instances in the classes carrying out the implementation. For example, delegation enables the car to be equipped with a new tank, without the call changing for the client or for the car class.


You can only use them to assign types to table-type interface parameters. If a return code has been set, it is stored in the sy-subrc field after the statement has been executed. Also, if itab1 is an index table, you abaap limit the number of lines to be inserted using an index interval FROM n1 TO n2. Otherwise the notation conventions are the same as for associations. In this example, the component names are displayed as the column headers.


Now fill the input parameter with the first day of the next month by accessing the pseudo-components for the year, month, and day, using the field symbol.

This representation complies with the IEEE norm for double precision floating point numbers. That is, field symbols use value semantics.

See next page for UML diagram. However, a private method can be called by a public method. The user wants to handle various providers in the same way and must therefore abstract concrete implementations to a description of the services required to fulfill the task. Define a field symbol based on this type suggested name: Class-based exceptions can be raised and handled in all ABAP abp blocks.