ABNT NBR ISO/IEC – irataBrasil. By Irata Brasil · Updated about 4 years ago. Already tagged. 3. Other Albums. Irata Brasil’s photo. ‘-Imagem cortesia. O Inmetro tem como base dos critérios para a acreditação desses organismos, aqueles estabelecidos no ABNT NBR ISO/IEC Organismos de. iso-iecpdf. Uploaded by Andre .. Abnt Nbr Uploaded by NBR – Pintur a Industrial — Ensaio de Aderência Uploaded by.

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It was concluded with wide participation of the manufacturers of plugs and sockets and of electrical and electronic equipment, in July ofwith the publication of the norm ABNT NBR mbr Archived from the original on The IEC and BS systems have some common safety features in that plugs and sockets are polarized, and that sockets are required to have shutters for the line and neutral pins.

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Inmetro – Organizações Acreditadas (Credenciadas)

Modern injection moulding technology enables robust and safe plugs to be smaller than the Schuko and BS systems, which were designed in the early and mid 20th century respectively. Use British English Oxford spelling from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images.

The IEC plugs are smaller than any other European plug with 16 A rating, being only slightly larger than the 2. However, the pins of the Type L 10 A are 4 mm in diameter as in the Europlug and the earth pin is aligned with the two others no offset is 177024making the Italian plug unpolarized.

ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17024 – irataBrasil

REFIT found that “the harmonisation of plug and socket outlet systems in Europe, by introducing changes in national wiring legislations would have important transitional periods above 75 years “and that the cost to “replace the old socket-outlets and the corresponding plugs of the appliances being used ” was estimated at billion Euro, “generating a huge environmental impact, producing some tons of electrical waste”.


In sum, all electrical appliances available in the Brazilian market must be certificated by this organization and and must also contain a specific stamp.

According to the National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality in Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards “began discussing the creation of a standard for plugs and sockets Old and new multi-standard socketRight: Moreover, the Italian plug is rated for up to 10 amperes although a ampere version exists with different and incompatible sizewhile the IEC plugs are rated for 13 amperes. Socket for new plugs only. The sockets are small enough that two can be installed in the space taken by a single Schuko or BS socket.

An advantage of the IEC plug types is smaller physical sizes. The live pins are in contact while exposed. Discovering Electricity Was Easier”. These measures were approved in order to guarantee more quality in the electrical goods and more safety to the consumers. Considering that in Brazil this industry is moved by the importsthe procedures, licenses and certificates involved in the process are very useful information.

Updated 6 June List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The list of appliances that require certification is very large, and some examples are mentioned below: The analysis made by foreign laboratories will be only accepted if it ie issued for less than one year.

Dicor sets the technical standards for evaluation of companies responsible for issuing the product certification. These laboratories must also be accredited in Inmetro or in an organization recognized by Inmetro, such as: This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Recently, all electrical appliances produced locally or imported must ieec specific certification to be commercialized in Brazil. In common with the Europlug there is an insulating sleeve around abbnt base of the line and neutral pins.


The General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetroor Cgcre, is the organization responsible for conceding the accreditation to legal entity or private person in order to allow the import, production or commercialization of their products.

The IEC is similar to the Italian plug CEI 10 A “Type L”with the same front profile shaped isso a flat hexagon and the same position of the line and neutral pins the centres spaced 19 mm apart.

IEC – Wikipedia

Retrieved 13 January However, China is not the only Brazilian commercial partner in industry: The certification of the electrical products mentioned occurred gradually according to the terms mentioned below: IEC plugs are similar in size and shape to the Europlugwith the front profile nrb a flat hexagon.

Although it looks similar to the Swiss SEV plug, its dimensions are different.

Therefore, there is no compatibility between these grounded 3-pin plugs. Retrieved 12 January In the European Union EU published recommendations advising against the harmonisation of domestic plug ied socket systems in the EU.

Plugs and socket-outlets 16 A V a. Retrieved from ” https: According ic the definition of Inmetro “all electrical appliances and similar, with nominal voltage of less than V in single-phase appliances, and over V in others appliances” are required to have the mandatory certification and must present the specific stamp.