Ages in Chaos is the second book by Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday in , which put forward a major revision of the. simultaneously on Ages in Chaos and Worlds in Collision, the present work .. sentences who Simon YehielVelikovsky was. From the day. Ages in Chaos is the title of Immanuel Velikovsky’s bestseller, a title which also amply describes the state of ancient Egyptian chronology, wherein, according to .

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Ages in Chaos – Wikipedia

This copy of Ages in Chaos: In the last two years of his life Velikovsky published a further two volumes of the series. And quite a few other specimens on different subjects. Jan 19, Reed rated it really liked it.

The revised chronology proposed by Ages in Chaos has been rejected by nearly all mainstream historians and Egyptologists.

No one has been able to do more than guess at who was the King of Punt visited by Pharaoh Hatshepsut. I also discuss these theories in my blog post on Exodus: Very Good condition in a Very Good dust jacket.

Ages in Chaos: A reconstruction of ancient history from the Exodus to King Akhnaton

It is this that Velikovsky veliiovsky. Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside. It’s heavy going, and I wasn’t encouraged to persevere by Velikovsky’s reputation as a fringe theorist among fringe theorists.

Aug 23, Lee Belbin rated it really liked it. Minor marks and wear to boards. Velikovsky, Immanuel [].

It’s not helped by Velikovsky’s nondescript prose style which does nothing to hold the reader’s interest. Reconstructing Egyptian and Biblical history 13 April When I first heard of Immanuel Velikovsky it was suggested that he was a nutter, however a cursory glance across the Goodreads community actually suggest that there is some acceptance of his theories and I would be one of them, if we restrict ourselves to this book.


I am no expert in this cchaos and can only say that Velikovaky has his assumptions and the others have theirs.

NO bumps, rubs or frays. Based on those written record styles, philologists were forced to theorize an entire people whose existence couldn’t be found by archaeologists. In Ramses II and His Time Velikovsky identified each of the major 19th dynasty pharaohs zges a corresponding pharaoh of the 26th dynasty. Ex Library with usual markings and stamps.

Ages In Chaos

Some specific proposals included: Log-in or create an account first! Instead it was followed eight years later by Oedipus and Akhnaton. Identify each of the major 19th dynasty pharaohs with a corresponding pharaoh of the 26th. Arundel Books of Seattle Published: Ages in Chaos 3 books. Velikovsmy is an existing description of the Plagues, however, by an Egyptian eyewitness. There have always been disagreements and downright mysteries. I read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Ages in Chaos on and off for a month or two.

The concept of alter egos: From the dust jacket: By the time Egypt has surviving written records again, it is possible to lay those records alongside the Palestinian-Syrian histories, shift them six centuries, and match up the wars, diplomacy, and cultural styles. Rose, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Buffalo. Lightly faded on the spine and around the edges.

A touch of extremity rubbing. I wasn’t really sure why people referred to him as a nutter until I discovered that another of his books, Worlds in Collision involved a theory that Venus was velikovsmy a moon of Jupiter that was ejected from its orbit and as it passed by Earth there was a worldwide catastrophe.


The Genesis of Israel and Egypt. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

Published December 12th by Buccaneer Books first published He certainly seemed to follow the approach of most fringe theorists Erich von Daniken and Gavin Menzies are also offenders of declaring that because a piece of evidence might conceivably demonstrate such-and-such, it proves cchaos.

Cameron rated it it was amazing Jun 26, The culprit in all this is Egyptian star dating.

Other chronological revisions inspired by Velikovsky The controversy over the chronology of Ancient Egypt has not entirely gone away. Ginenthal is the founder and principal contributor to an online journal The Velikovskian.

Ages in Chaos: Peoples of the Sea Immanuel Velikovsky book

A second volume was due for publication shortly after this but was postponed. Want to Read saving…. NO significant chips, tears or sun discolor. Boards are lightly scuffed and faded around the edges. She did so by sea, in a great barge, and returned chaoe a menagerie of tourist trappings, all xhaos which were dutifully recorded in her great funeral temple located adjacent to the Valley of the Kings.

Are six hundred years missing in Israel’s history, or have six hundred ghost years crept into Egyptian history?