“Dear Experts, I want to make etherchannel with 4 nic port in aix lpars. ent8 and ent9 from expansion box ent12 and ent13 from server pci adapter Now how to. On AIX with “smitty etherchannel”, in the same menu, depending how the fields are filled out, 2 distinctly separate functioning devices can be created. This can. For example, ent0 and ent1 can be aggregated into an EtherChannel adapter called ent3. And interface en3 would then be configured with an.

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The outgoing adapter path is selected by the algorithm using the destination system port value.

Adapter additions, removals, or changes in an EtherChannel or Link Aggregation

The backup and EtherChannel adapters must be attached to different network switches, which must be interconnected for this setup to work properly. There are for example 2 primary adapters. I was wondering if there was a difference between the two modes “Standard” and “ad” when it comes ethegchannel the load balancing algorithm used? At first, congratulations for your blog. I visit it many times. EtherChannel network redundance problem.

View Public Profile for dukessd. I did not find any reference document why I wrote that sentence, so I removed it from the blog. If the adapters are connected to different switches, those switches must be stacked and act as a single switch.


So, a 2x10Gb LACP channel, for 1 connection will utilize only 1 adapter at a time, and there is no guarantee that the next connection will be dispatched to the other adapter. Thanks for all help in advance. The feature will be enabled automatically if you set the Enable Jumbo Frames attribute to yes. My co worker Luis scripted this setup-lb ip ent1, ent2 primary. The info you need is in the aox -d’ output or netstat -v. How to find 1 day old file on Windows for Active Perl.

ethercnannel If your Ethernet switch device has this function, you can exploit the support provided in AIX. If the primary adapter becomes unavailable, the Network Interface Backup switches to the backup adapter. I learnt something new today: We want to configure an etherchannel with four ethernet adapters.

If at any time both ent0 and ent1 fail, all traffic is sent over the backup adapter ent2. All Linux Man Pages. Thank you for your help. The main benefit of a Link Aggregation is that it has the network bandwidth of all of its adapters.

Ilyas Guvenilir October 31, at 5: If all adapters in the EtherChannel fail, the backup adapter is used to send and receive all traffic. Fayez Mohammed March 12, at 9: Thanks, below also good reading.


Configuring an EtherChannel

EtherChannel is a trademark registered by Cisco Systems and is generally called multi-port trunking or link aggregation. I suggest also to read this, where are some tips how to increase bandwidth: No special hardware is required to use Network Interface Backup, but the backup adapter must be connected to a separate switch for maximum reliability.

The interface is defined on the EtherChannel. The server is a TSM backup server that receives a huge amount of in-bound data which the TSM application pushes out to tape or disk via fibre optic adapters.

For example, ent0 and ent1 can be configured as the main EtherChannel adapters, and ent2 as the backup adapter, creating an EtherChannel called en3. Durham-EMS June 21, at 6: Not a Forum Member? Find all posts by zxmaus.

How do I calculate total number of active and non active hosts? I don’t have an scenario to try so it’s difficult for my to know the best option between them. To debug any aggregation problems, it is best to verify the switch’s configuration. Address to ping Not typically used. The traditional AIX behavior.