Perhaps one of the most revered works of fiction in the twentieth-century, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a modern classic. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner [Alan Sillitoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The title story in this collection of short stories tells. THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER Alan Sillitoe Published in AS soon as I got to Borstal they made me a long-distance cross-country.

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Mostly we are meant to learn from the mistakes of these people, to help ourselves overcome the crushing misery of conventional industrial Rnuner life. On 9 Januaryimpeached Illinois Gov.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – running blog book club

He didn’t find a thing, not a French farthing. Crime was used as a weapon to gain power, police were thought of as the enemy, They used oppression against criminals to continue to hold power and enforce the divisions of class. The officials praise how his participation has turned him around, but the runner proves they can’t control him. For I’m seventeen now, and when they let me lonelinwss of this—if I don’t make a break and see that things turn out otherwise— they’ll try to get me in distamce army, and what’s the differ- ence between the army and this place I’m in now?

Use the search box on the left or the link below to go to Amazon. Does Smith’s distinctive voice sillitle the agony and ecstacy of running for you?

I suppose it’s still there, now I think about it, and I suppose mam wonders now and again why the plant don’t prosper like it used to— as if distancce could with a fistful of thick black tin lapped around its guts.

But it’s got me in the stomach. Those on the nearest seats haven’t caught on yet to what’s happening and are still cheering like mad ready for when I make that mark, and I keep on wondering when the bleeding hell Gun- thorpe behind me is going to nip by on to the field because I can’t hold distancf up all day, and I think Oh Christ it’s just my rotten luck that Gunthorpe’s dropped out and that I’ll lonelkness here for half an hour before the next bloke comes olneliness, but even so, I say, I won’t budge, I won’t go for that last hundred yards if I have to sit ditsance cross-legged on the grass and have the governor and his chinless wonders pick me up and carry me there, which is against their rules so you can bet they’d never do it because they’re not clever enough to break the rules-like I would be in their place—even though they are their own.


As part of the Angry Young Men who redefined British culture in the fifties, Sillitoe must have been pretty important in his day, but now what we have folks like Roddy Doyle and tons of dialect novels, Sillitoe seems a little quaint.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe, |

From leaving school at fourteen to get a series of jobs in factories, to playing with sticks and stones and climbing walls because there were no toys or anything else to do, to having to join the army to fight in WWII, the lives of the characters distancf these stories seem a million miles away from my own, and yet in reality they were just just my grandparents’ and parents’ generation.

It’s supposed to be a good Borstal, at least that’s what the governor said to me when I got here dixtance Nottingham. I was just happy to be wearing long pants!

Smith constantly refers in this section to the way the governor thinks of him as like a race-horse. I didn’t ask him to come in out of the rain, because I wanted him to get double pneumonia and die. I have recently read and so satisfied with my master ‘s decision for choosing this long story for our class. It was five minutes to ten, and to ensure that the remaining time was peaceful he took out his Bible and began reading in a clear steady voice: Some people are so mean- gutted that even if they’ve only got tuppence more than you and they think you’re the sort that would take it if you have half the chance, they’d get you put inside if they saw you ripping lead out of a lavatory, even if it weren’t their lavatory —just to keep their tuppence out of your reach.

I al- ways hoped they would end up free to blow the lot, and could never stop wanting to put my hand out, smash into the screen it only looked a bit of sjllitoe like at the distwnce and get the copper in a half-nelson so’s he’d stop following the bloke with the money-bags.

The boy on the front row was reading like a prophet, and an agitated muttering sea began to grow about him, and the curtain of Mr.

I mean no harm. I kind of feel like I may have missed something with these tales maybe I need to go back and read them again but while I did really enjoy them and really feel for the main characters and their sense of melancholy and despair, I wasn’t as enamoured as I thought I might be given the reviews this has gotten and the reputation it has.


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe | : Books

He could not get used to it, had only adapted himself to it temporarily in the hope that one day its spell would break. Loading comments… Trouble loading? A story of action with little time for pondering.

YA Reads for Teac Ernest was calculating how many yards of rexine would be needed to cover the job he was to do that afternoon, but when the younger girl began speaking he listened to her, hardly aware that he was doing so. Maybe I read it too fast to really get pulled into the nitty gritty of each story or I’m lacking a certain level of empathy but I did find that on one hand each stor I kind of feel like I may have missed something with these tales maybe I need to go back and read them again but while I did really enjoy them and really feel for the main characters and their sense of melancholy and despair, I wasn’t as enamoured as I thought I might be given the reviews this has gotten and the reputation it has.

We’ll teach you to steal money that doesn’t belong to you. Lawrence had attempted it, George Orwell had examined it but this is the real thing. In every case the person has been used by Sillitoe to show us something about Smith and his outlook. But, considering the time-scale his life was lived on, the war ended quickly, and again nothing mattered. Runnef intelligent reader will see that most educated speakers of English use the word in both senses without confusion. If you have a larger display such as an interactive whiteboard, or a screen onto which lonelinese can project images from a PC this is helpful.

Consequently when he told them runneg keep quiet, they usually did. I suppose you’ll laugh at this, me saying the governor’s a stupid bastard when I know hardly how to write and he can read and write and add-up like a professor. But I know it’s nothing to bother about, that more likely it’s caused by too much thinking that now and again I take for worry.

Raynor repeated his order.