Vir: Wikipedia. Strani: Poglavjih: Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Posebna teorija relativnosti, Splošna teorija relativnosti, Eugene Paul Wigner, Richard Phillips. Teorija relativnosti [trda vezava]. Authors: translation (Einstein) and afterword Matjaž Ličer translation Albert Einstein in rojstvo sodobne relativistične fizike. Vir: Wikipedia. Strani: Poglavjih: Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Posebna teorija relativnosti, Splo na teorija relativnosti, Eugene Paul Wigner, Richard Phillips.

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General relativity – Wikipedia

Although the bending of light can also be derived by extending the universality of free fall to light, [68] the angle of deflection resulting from such calculations is only half the value given by general relativity.

Mathematics coordinate system multilinear algebra Euclidean geometry tensor algebra dyadic algebra differential geometry exterior calculus tensor calculus. The theory is successful in that one mode will always correspond to a gravitonthe messenger particle of gravity, e. Kaluza—Klein theory Quantum gravity Supergravity.

The actual measurements show that free-falling frames are the ones in which light propagates as it does in special relativity. Imenski prostori Stranica suradnika Razgovor.

Suradnik:Edgar Allan Poe/Albert Einstein – Wikipedija

Paispp. Using felativnosti geometry, later studies have revealed more general properties of black holes. Given the difficulty of finding exact solutions, Einstein’s field equations are also solved frequently by numerical integration on a computer, or by considering small perturbations of exact solutions.

Einstein used approximation methods in working out initial predictions of the theory.

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The latter provides a systematic approach to solving for the geometry of a spacetime that contains a distribution of matter that moves slowly compared with the speed of light. Schutzch. Schutzsec. Space is represented by a web-like structure called a spin networkevolving over time in discrete steps. Using global geometry, some spacetimes can be shown to contain boundaries called horizonswhich demarcate one region from the rest of spacetime.

Kaluza—Klein theory Dilaton Supergravity. For the book by Robert Wald, see General Relativity book. Gravitational wave and Gravitational wave astronomy. One attempt to overcome these limitations is string theorya quantum theory not of point particlesbut of minute one-dimensional extended objects. Einstein se, zajedno relstivnosti Albertom Schweitzerom i Bertrandom Russellomborio protiv nuklearnih bombi kao i njihovih testova.

Background Introduction Mathematical formulation.

Suradnik:Edgar Allan Poe/Albert Einstein

Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije. The first step is the realization that classical mechanics and Newton’s law of gravity admit a geometric description. How can I copy translations to the vocabulary trainer?

Giulini, DomenicoSpecial Relativity: Einstein derived these effects using the equivalence principle as early ascf. An anthology of primary sources ; Basel: However, for weak fields, a linear approximation can be made. The fact that, as a consequence of geometric relations known as Bianchi identitiesthe Einstein tensor satisfies a further four identities reduces these relwtivnosti six independent equations, e.

Astronomy portal Mathematics portal Physics portal Time portal. Checkout Your Cart Price. Observations of binary pulsars provide strong indirect evidence for the existence of gravitational waves see Orbital decayabove.

D7 8DOI: Pogledajte Uvjete uporabe za detalje. Robertson” General relativity “. Albert Einstein, “My Reply.


An Introduction to Current ResearchWiley, p. At its core are Einstein’s equationswhich describe the relation between the geometry of a four-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian manifold representing spacetime, and the energy—momentum contained in that spacetime.

Within the Solar System or for ordinary double relativnosithe effect is too small to be observable.

An authoritative answer would require a complete theory of quantum gravity, which has not yet been developed [] cf.

Wikiversity has learning resources about General relativity. Send us a new image. In line with contemporary thinking, he assumed a static universe, adding a new parameter to his original field equations—the cosmological constant —to match that observational presumption.

Preliminary Maps and Basic Results”, Astrophys. The main reason is that the gravitational field—like any physical field—must be ascribed a certain energy, but that it proves to be fundamentally impossible to localize that energy. General relativity generalizes special relativity and Newton’s law of universal gravitationproviding a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and timeor spacetime.

It is used to detect the presence and distribution of dark matterprovide a “natural telescope” for observing distant galaxies, and to obtain an independent estimate of the Hubble constant. History of general relativity and Classical theories of gravitation. General relativity can be understood by examining its similarities with and departures from classical physics.