An Introduction to Persian has 38 ratings and 5 reviews. Adam said: Old Thackston gets a bad rap in Persian language classrooms, but I spent about a year. An introduction to Persian / Wheeler M. Thackston. — Rev. 4th ed. p. cm. ISBN (alk. paper) Persian language — Grammar. I. Tide. Wheeler M. Thackston is Professor of Persian and other Near East This is why W.M. Thackston’s An Introduction to Persian should be welcomed by students.

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They children are getting sleepy. Thakcston Lx shayad beguim. Note in the following examples that when -ast is preceded by the nonspecific enclitic -r, -ast becomes -st and the alef is dropped. Yvonne Kendall rated it liked it Jun 18, We worked six hours. The a of ast may optionally be dropped after u and stressed i, but this is much less common.

Primary sentence-stress O, characterized by a very high rising pitch, falls on the last stressed syllable before an affirmative verb. The pronominal enclitics, which are used as pos- sessive pronouns, direct objects of verbs, and complements of most prepositions, are as follows: Tehran is in Iran. I went to Tehran. He growled like a leop- ard that had lost its mate.


Everybody who comes wants to stay. One could say, it could be said. This letter is often replaced in typography by O.

If the vowel of the hamze is a or othe hamze is on top of the alef; if the vowel of the hamze is ethe hamze is beneath the alef asp r esm oJI olfat Non-initially the hamze is written in a variety of ways, and there are complicated rules for the bearer of the hamze in Arabic words; however, tthackston variant spellings are frequent in Persian, it is considerably less time-consuming for the student simply to leam the spelling of words with hamze as they occur.

An Introduction to Persian

Note the ellipsis of the second copula in the examples below. The plural marker that can be added to all nouns in Persian is 1 ha, which is suffixed directly to the noun thacskton the absolute state; it takes the stress and renders the specific plural. I gave him a pen. Muzaffer Ege rated it it was amazing Oct 20, The tashdid is usually omitted, although it may be provided occasionally where ambiguity might arise.

The ezafe construction is also used to link two v syntactically related nouns or noun and pronoun. Your house is much quieter than mine. Is the glottal stop [? You’d need more to actually learn the language, zn this is a good reference for linguists.


An Introduction to Persian by Wheeler M. Thackston

Ju LJ esh nemiayad. Tags What are tags? How long has it been raining? I was going, I used to g 0 I was going to town when The given name alone is considered exces- sively familiar.

In Persian, if at the time of perception the verb was present, it remains present; if past, it remains past. There were fewer than five people there. They had already gone home when you arrived.

We go to school every day, and there we read and write. I b ali I daneshju-ast.

Luohan rated it it was amazing Oct 22, They are transliterated t and z respectively. This he is called he- jirrti or he-hotti to distinguish it from the other he he-havvazGroup A connecting shape, this group includes sdd and zadboth of which occur ex- clusively introducyion words of Arabic origin. There are some very small houses in this city. How many minutes are there in a quarter hour?

Review V vii Part Two: