Andis Kaulins is the author of Stars, Stones and Scholars ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Ancient Signs ( avg rating, 1 rati. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins ???? (@wuxiandis). A Canadian English Teacher, Father, Reactionary and Blogger who is married to a Chinese Girl. The latest Tweets from Andis Kaulins (@law_pundit). Author & Educator. Stanford Law School & Paul Weiss NY alum. Constitution Copyrights Environment.

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Kaulins has a tendency to prejudge matters. I even suggested it might be a chicken at Malta, full well realizing that these stars — which also existed prior to the modern era — may have had another identity to stellar observers millennia ago.

Published on February 18, In my estimation, what we call “thought” is the universal principle of the universe in action. Thought by its nature is combinatorial Two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds are equally unthinkable.

When we look at the testimony of man’s history through the piercing eyes of a cross-examining lawyer, much accepted dogma needs revision.

When pseudoscientists turn nasty

Both volumes have the same cover except for the labels “Volume 1” viz. Nele Neuhaus is an immensely talented writer with a tremendous descriptive ability, which reminds this writer — an author himself — of the talents of Charles Dickens, in his andie, of course.


Impressum Verantwortlich fuer den Inhalt: I do not think they were wrong….

Hence, the megalith makers as seafarers may very well have known such constellations — or even created them. Email required Address never made public.

They are afraid their books will be obsolete and ignored so they lash out in envy and jealousy. Chicago is a great university — not everyone there is going to agree with me, nor should they. In reply, the truth is: Sign kauliins with Facebook Sign in options.

Andis Kaulins (Author of Stars, Stones and Scholars)

Notify me of new comments via email. If there is only an A and B, there must be space between them, C. This site uses cookies. No alternative is given in Wikipedia, but the statement seems to come from zndis entry in Celtnetwhich seeks to explain how kaulnis name of a poet at seems originally to have been Latinised as Lailoken, representing a Welsh Llallawg, was transformed into Myrddin.

The evidence simply does not stack up.

My theory of the universe derives from the observation that every human being is a PART of the universe. Of course, this post is not in any sense libellous. We are neither “outside” looking “in” nor “inside” looking “out”. Now, these are approaches we see in the works of several Bad Archaeologists.

When pseudoscientists turn nasty

None of us can imagine a world perfectly full OR perfectly empty, without a spatial container for absolute mass, or without any limits for an absolute void. True enough, I only skimmed through this book, but why would I want to read the work of a guy who spends so much time bad-mouthing credentialed scientists? The bullies are not, as you have alleged, those who post under their true identities to the Internet and who then try to defend their reputations against unseen foes.


What is the Universe? You can see a description of the dictionary in English at the Langenscheidt website at this link: Life is an ongoing series of contacts and influences. A week ago, I received an email from somebody known as Nazani who had written a review on Amazon.

What is impressive about the writing of Nele Neuhaus is the descriptive level of her writing, something which is often a lost literary art in the modern day of books that are often marked by endless brainless dialogue. View all posts by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews.

Dec 11, Search for a book to add a reference. Andis Kaulins rated a book it was amazing Secrets of the Great Pyramid: