The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolin, by Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for. His Bill Monroe and Jesse McReynolds influences are especially clear on Andy’s Ramble, a release wi. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Buy a cheap copy of Bluegrass Masters: Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman. Free shipping over $

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Did you have a great deal to do with the early bluegrass bands, Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and others? Eat up a little bit, and start over again. When you were developing your crosspicking style, were you consciously trying to sound like a banjo player?

Jesse McReynolds Mandolin : Bluegrass Masters by Andy Statman (Paperback) | eBay

No, they’re double stops. Shelton Special Allen Shelton, Rounder I find it difficult to sing and play a solid rhythm at the same time, I’ve never been able to overcome that.

No, I use the end of my finger to hold the pick. Sometimes I’ll go on stage and that right hand just don’t seem to work – it’s because I haven’t practised enough. Anndy heard a lot, and learned a lot from pedal steel guitar players. Thank you for all the advice!

Then I just sit down and start playing; sometimes a tune comes to me and I don’t know where it comes from!

‎Andy Statman on Apple Music

Old Herb Alpert had some really good chord patterns. Sadly, it was saved on my work computer, which I no longer have access to Although I had some previous familiarity with the recordings of Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys, meeting Jesse gave me a completely new awareness of the nature and extent sttman his creativity.

Old Brooklyn, a star-studded Statman album displaying the many facets of his musical personality, was scheduled for release on Shefa in the fall of I am wondering which one is the right one. I tried to locate a copy about 4 years ago and came up empty. I have a double-jointed thumb and utilize it as ancy as I can. I think you’re more likely to play badly through lack of practice. Jim and I had never tried to do anything together, so I was working and sang with the same guy that Carter was, me and another boy.

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Wynn is in Ozark, Missouri. I get better exercise doing crosspicking on the guitar, for the right hand. This includes links to other sites where these materials can be obtained. So I had to start from scratch and work out my own routines.

There’s an excellent discography jsese Andy Statman’s book, with full details of recording sessions, sidemen and so on. The main thing I like about what Stiver is doing, I don’t know how he does it, he gets a lot of sustain. Oh, yes, I remember the first radio programme they were on.

Jesse McReynolds Mandolin : Bluegrass Masters by Andy Statman (Paperback)

I’ve learned how to put a lot more notes in, using basic crosspicking technique. I worked for mcreeynolds same man they did, Roy Sykes. We listened to Bill Monroe, he was one of our favourites. On this most English of days, I felt paradoxically cosmopolitan, hearing about American music from one of its foremost exponents, and with other musicians like Allen Shelton and members of the Stoneman Family also mcreynoldss to spare the time for a chat.

This was all gospel mcteynolds, and while it is not bluegrass there is some cross-picked mandolin together statan the beginnings of the Jim and Jesse vocal style. And on a couple of songs I used my converted F I might just go anywhere, you know! Born in Brooklyn but taught bluegrass through mandolin lessons, Andy Statman initially gained recognition in the bluegrass field by working with Country Cooking and co-founding Breakfast Special.

So I knew how the Stanley Brothers started, and I heard them at that time.

Bluegrass UnlimitedSeptember Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If questioned, it will be your hide they’ll be after and not mine, and I will cooperate with authorities if asked.


If you are really after the McReynolds crosspicking treatise the Statman book is the way to go. I also play fiddle a lot; in statmn I practise on the fiddle as much as I do on the mandolin, and I use it on a segment of our show. You’ve got to do something, that people say, “Have you heard the new thing that Jim and Jesse are doing?

The parts sound so clear and clean, like two mandolins. The Tottle book is great btw. I know what I used it on, because it was deeper, but between the Paganoni and the Lloyd Loar I couldn’t tell the difference.

Andy Statman

And when I find someone who can take a tablature like adny, and play it note-for-note, and I say, “Well, play a tune that’s not in the book,” for a long time they’ll go blank, you know, they got nowhere else to go! The same applies to mandolin playing. I like Bill, he’s a good friend of mine, but I don’t play his style of music.

Was this sort of thing improvised in the studio? Another Jim and Jesse innovation? But I don’t get rhythm on a mandolin, the way Bill Monroe does, I don’t consider myself a good rhythm player. Mandolinby Andy Statman. That was before ‘Jim and Jesse’ was ever used!

But I’m a mandolin player, and that’s what people want me to do. Jim is jesxe good bluegrass singer, though. About Andy Statman Born in Brooklyn but taught bluegrass through mandolin lessons, Andy Statman initially gained recognition in the bluegrass field by working with Country Cooking and co-founding Breakfast Special.

Although we take people like the Delmore Brothers and the Louvin Brothers as a pattern, we still try to be ourselves.