HINDI COMICS PLAZA. Here you will get all hindi comics. You can download it in PDF format. Get your favorite comics, books, novels, magazines, etc & Enjoy. Angara was the brainchild of Dr. Kunal who is research scientist on fictional Angara Island. He teaches the animals present on the island to talk. When a foreign. Angara Ki Jung – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 2nd Comic of Angara Documents Similar To Angara Ki Jung.

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After a lot of struggle he finally brings whole of his body together and brings him back to India in order to extract the Miracle Liquid called “Amrit”. He finds the head who tells him that his body has liquid which can cure all diseases and grant immortality.

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Download Hindi Comics: Angara | Tulsi Comics

Views Read Edit View history. Kunal creates Angara from the body parts of the dead animals and appoints him to be the protector of the wildlife and enemy of the bad people.

Tulsi Comics was an Indian comics publisher in the late 80s, 90s and early ‘s, and was a division of Tulsi Pocket Books. Unknown June 16, at 8: Bachpan ki Yaadein Taza ho gayi.


Hi friends, today i am uploading a Tulsi Comics called ‘Angara’ which is first issue in the Angara series. Angara Ka Anokha Dushman.

Angara is also a similar character but his stories were very well written and illustrated.

Tulsi Comics – Wikipedia

He also finds out that in previous life he was tortured and killed by him and so when he was created, Shanichar’s image and powers were in the sub-conscious mind of the professor whose brain he carries now. Both of them had the final showdown with Jambu killing him with the planet’s water which has acidic properties and only the protection against it is a special element from the native planet.

Rakesh Negi July 21, at 5: In this storyline, Jambu gets stranded on a planet.

Angara’s rhino skin made him bullet-proof, and his brain from the fox gave him extraordinary intelligence, eyes was made up of vulture’s eyes, he xngara the power taken from elephant, heart of the lion, and body of gorilla which made him look like a human.

Kunal who is research scientist on fictional Angara Island. Another reason for Tulsi Comics failure was that they produced story arcs in a minimum of 2—3 parts, and they never usually gave a complete story in a single issue. AB Ccool December 30, at There seems to be links ahgara to the cover image.

Tulsi Comics

I would like to donate for this project: Dr Kunal helped him to achieve all these qualities which makes him a Super hero. Anonymous May 5, at 1: It was a digest comics with 60 pages. Sanjana Rathore December 31, at 4: Kunal, a bio scientist and surgeon. Angara coics the brainchild of Dr.


Vinod Yadav May 5, at 4: He was born to save animals and became known as a saviour of wild life. When a foreign nations attacks the island and Dr. Once again thanks so much! His inventor is Dr.

Since most of the comic readers in India are children who had limited pocket money, this practice ultimately backfired, and it lost popularity among its reader base. The number of comics published every month varied from 6 to 10 sometimes 1 or 2 digest are also published as special issues. Kunal try to make them understand to not do that as it is a part of Indian territory but American soldiers betray them killing many animals.


Unknown September 1, at 1: Angara Ka Double Cross. Newer Post Older Post Home. Kunal decides to unite the animals into a super intelligent being on the request of all the animals. Aby May 10, at 9: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.