I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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Performer looks again, and then approaches the spectator holding the fan still between first finger and thumb of right hand.

Annemann’s mental bargain effects.

On one side of this is a figure 2 and on the other side is a 3. We shall use for exam- ple, leu envelopes and cards.

Hand it to him with right hand, lingers on top and thumb underneath, and as he takes it, your hand comes away with thumb hidden under hand. Take hold of upper right corner of this card with right thumb underneath and forefinger above.

Pack is annemznn inserted in its case, the face side against prepared side of the box. He is then told to run through the deck, find the card he is thinking of, bring it to the face of the deck, square deck up and look intently at the card.

Take about ten of these and glue together in a block.

At the same time the performer also writes something on a slip of paper which lie folds and tosses to the table in view. When the spectator acknowledges this latter point, the per- former picks up mentsl paper and pencil and explains that because of the fact that the spectator has changed his thoughts several times, he had better write the name of the thought of card on the paper and then fold same and put in his own pocket.

Thompson The performer has a packet of about 15 blank cards about call- ing card size.

Once more wffects looks and then picks out the card. His pellet is now crumpled up in sheet and in your pocket and as you read his question while apparently writing the first time on pad, this time you can write the correct answer and give him pad to examine if he wishes as all evidence is now out of the way. The move for getting the reflection is natural and has only to be tried once.


Immediately he walks to first person, and left hand has taken deck 1 from left coat pocket and hands it to spectator with request for shullle and selection of one card. When finished performer turns towards him and asks him to bold the drawing in front of himself with both hands.

Again these pieces are placed on top of pieces in right and still nearest the spectator.

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

Taking the next bottom envelope, the process is repented and this is continued until at the last one, you have the original slit envel- ope with a card on hack. Right thumb and forefinger now picks up this inner end of packet through left hank and lifts so it is hanging vertical to the floor. Once more in total darkness the information on another card is slowly divulged as if through some psychic source.

Annemann In this efl’cct, the performer illustrates meental even darkness can- not impede his powers.

Several good effects here and MentalMasterpiece is excellent. Fold it once the long way, and then once the other way. The number that the third parly gives is actually written down and this three figure number the performer remembers.

The bargaon are turned on and the performer reveals the identity of each card thus selected, everything being znnemann thoroughly.

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects by Ted Annemann :

Have a few matches on table for convenience of sitter. The spectator is asked to now show his thought of card for the first time. In fanning same he gets the fake card about twenty from the top or left of fan, and makes’ fan wide enough at this point to bring out most of the reflector. Cards are passed out first, and, on the way back, the envelopes passed out up to the last.

It is an excellent book that has the following effects: I’m going to buy up a whole bunch of these booklets. Now turn paper and again tear through the center. Right hand conies out from under at once and adjusts handkerchief kental over palm of left hand, one corner being upon arm and center of hank annemajn just about to the inside end of the packet.


Like I said, it’s really hard to win one of those books off of Ebay — everyone seems to bid on it like it’s a rare, hard-to-get item when it’s offered for sale.

Ask him to light a match and to burn envelope and pellet. Performer steps hack and asks spectator to now think of the value. Picking up folded slip from table with free hand it is apparently passed to the other and given to some one to read, hut nothing is passed and the spectator reads the contents which always names the card the spectator drew.

If not right use an electric iron that is just hot to iron even so Unit case looks like any other card case.

Mental Bargain Effects (Theodore Annemann)

In drawing rooms the cards may he placed on the floor in full view and this further prevents any possible mishap because of the cards being so far below the line of vision. Tin’s is the entire preparation, outside of having a piece of paper and a short pencil.

You wet the llap and then as an afterthought hand the envelope to sitter with a request for him to seal it batgain. Tell him to write his question and sign on the small slip and refold it lightly so nothing can he read. Spectator is asked to think of any card, and performer picks up a piece of paper for him to write it down. I must put some of my stuff on e-bay, it never ceases to amaze me what people pay for stuff that is generally available.