What is the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of and does it prohibit The act provides a cause of action to a trademark holder when someone. What is cybersquatting? Cybersquatting is the act of purchasing a domain name that uses the names of existing businesses, which are usually trademarked. The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”)’ provides a cause of action for trademark owners against cybersquatters2, who regis- ter domain.

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The actual amount awarded is fixed by the court in its discretion.

Trademark owners should be able to rely on Gallo to support a claim of statutory damages even for tasted names registered for only a few days. For example, the Committee heard testimony regarding a cybersquatter who registered the domain name s ”attphonecard. PurdyF3d 8th Cir. Finally, and most importantly, cybersquatters target distinctive marks to defraud consumers, including to engage in counterfeiting activities.

According to various reports, millions of domain names registered every month are dropped after being tasted, and only a small percentage of names are permanently registered. See Sporty’s Farm L. Further Duplication without permission is prohibited.

Similarly, the domain name address ”wwwcarpoint. Click here to view table. The Gallo decision could be an important weapon in trademark owners’ escalating battles with domain tasters, i. For example, several aanticybersquatting ago a small Canadian company with a single shareholder and a couple of dozen domain name s demanded that Umbro International, Inc.

Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Kicking squatters off your domain name: The court’s finding of bad faith rested in large part on its determination that plaintiff had offered to transfer the domain to defendant if it refunded certain lease payments plaintiff had made which were at the heart of his dispute with defendant, as well as funds plaintiff claimed defendant improperly received from third parties.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While the ACPA contemplated the purchase of domain names for resale to trademark owners, it did not contemplate the more modern practice of domaining. Designer Skin LLC v. The ACPA has been effectively used to combat a number of wrongs. For example, it was used by E. The ACPA is not the only trademark cause of action providing for statutory damages that does not give courts meaningful guidance in determining statutory damages.

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This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat See, Panavision Int’l, L. Several courts have also looked to copyright case law in determining statutory damages under the ACPA.

Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act Law and Legal Definition

Anticybersquattimg example, the Committee heard testimony regarding an Australian company operating on the Internet under the name ”The Best Domains,” which was offering such domain name s as ”porsche. In “exceptional cases,” attorney’s fees can also be recovered.

Specifically, the Fifth Circuit held that the duration of the offending use of the domain name did protrction have to be considered when calculating statutory damages.

Views Read Edit View history. USA June 13 Switching after a dispute arises from an illegitimate to legitimate use will not cure the original bad faith registration. Regardless of what is being sold, the result of online brand name abuse, as with other forms of trademark violations, is the erosion of consumer confidence in brand name identifiers and in electronic commerce generally.

Dispute looms over launch of. Conclusion Although the ACPA was enacted more than eight years ago, and the registration of domain names worldwide has exploded, we still have relatively little insight into how courts determine a particular amount of statutory damages.

The term ‘ domain name ‘ means any alphanumeric designation which is registered with or assigned by any domain name registrar, domain name registry, or other domain name registration authority as part of an electronic address on the Internet.

A similar result was reached in Lamparello v. This is no doubt due in part to the lack of guidance in the ACPA and its legislative history. Names or Nicknames Similarly, individuals whose name or nickname are identical to a company’s mark have been held to have legitimate claims on a domain containing that mark. Such is also true of the submission of false contact information to a domain name registrar, which is taken as a sign the defendant neither wants to be identified nor held accountable for his conduct.


For example, existing law does not deal with cases where cybersquatters are warehousing domain names, essentially holding an inventory of trademarks that he won’t use but intends to sell to the rightful pfotection at extortionate prices. Moreover, a few trends are discernible. As shown by the foregoing, the ACPA can be an effective tool to prevent the misuse of your mark in another’s domain.

Whether it’s people extorting companies by registering company names, misdirecting Internet users to inappropriate sites, or otherwise attempting to damage a trademark that a business has spent decades building into a recognizable brand, anyone engaging in cyber-squatting activity should be held accountable for their actions. The courts in these cases awarded statutory damages after a trial 4contested motion for abticybersquatting judgment consunerunopposed motion 2 antlcybersquatting, and default judgment As noted above, the Lanham Act provides that courts may award attorneys’ fees for violations of the ACPA in “exceptional cases” under Section a.

First Interstate Bank of Denver, N. Misspelling the Owner’s Mark Courts regularly find “typo” domains — domain names that misspell the owner’s mark — to be confusingly similar and thus to trigger liability under the ACPA. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In.

Cybertelecom :: ACPA

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