Aquelarre RPG [in English]. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*. Join. About Community. Aquelarre, the dark medieval RPG. likes · 11 talking about this. Aquelarre is a Spanish tabletop RPG in a dark medieval setting that is in its 3rd. Following the success of our Kickstarter project to fund a translation of the classic Spanish RPG Aquelarre (pre-orders still available) published.

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Check out the FAQ.

In all instances, you must be pledging for a physical copy of a game either edition, or KAP 5. Judge your aqyelarre with this illustration.

Because of the fees applied to the funds that you pledge to our project via Kickstarter, it makes more sense to collect shipping charges from you after the project has ended.

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English* by Stewart Wieck — Kickstarter

Aquelarre, and the Fucking Basques! I think you mean “heartily”. This is the complete version of Aquelarre that is the primary ambition of our project. Support Select this reward. We’ll total the pledges made at these levels counting each “Merchant” twice as it includes two copies and compare that total to our stretch goal numbers. Looks aquealrre you’ve reached the end.


Here, demons haunt castles, elves skulk in the forest, alchemists concoct spells, and witches laugh and laugh around their campfire in a forest clearing bathed in moonlight, as the demon sitting among them raises his rp head and grins, directly at you, dear reader, saying, “Welcome to the aquelarre; welcome to the coven.

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AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*

Personally, I think a merger or acquisition of Nocturnal is in the works. He views this translation project as a labor of love.

RF Victor 19 June at Without fail, the retailer-only reward levels fail to generate more than a handful of backers that may happen here too, but I hope for your help!

Aquelarre RPG [in English].


During the course of the project we’ll select aquellarre, red, blue and yellow artwork from Aquelarre to place at the top of a new version of Deck Advantages and Disadvantages help to round characters out.

The book also includes considerable detail about medieval life in Iberia, from daily business to social mores to fairy tales, besides the expected focus on angels and demons.

I’m a weekend too late aquellarre say anything close to being original, and pointing the influences of Runequest into Aquelarre seems to me rather obvious. It offers an inspiring review of their traditions and beliefs, from the customs of the vulgar to the routines of crafts, without neglecting what is said about witches and the Devil.


Nocturnal Games is opening the crowdfunding for Aquelarre translation tomorrow: Rpgg coins feature artwork from the game: So, my hat off to Greg Stafford for that Even if he hadn’t created that other game I’ve been playing for the last twenty five years. Unable to load more.

Aquelarre Game Director’s Screen. They add a lot of additional translation time for Lester. They should include the name and physical address of the store, and also your name and email address.

Aquelarre RPG [in English] – Google+

Newer Post Older Post Home. At about pages, Aquelarre offers everything you expect to find in a fantasy RPG: The retailer’s money is probably better invested in stocking games that are available NOW and that they can sell to customers NOW.

The original spanish edition. Three of the 12 different Aquelarre art cards. The bestiary of the game is extended and more than twenty popular legends are sown, each accompanied by advice to turn them into exciting adventures.