My article “Aquinas on the Human Soul” appears in the anthology The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism, edited by Jonathan Loose. Aquinas is an in-depth but accessible introduction to the Feser shows that Aquinas’s philosophy is still a live option for thinkers today. In this multifaceted introduction to the renowned thinker, Edward Feser shows how Thomas Aquinas’s works are as relevant today as when they were written.

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The first anniversary of the publication of The Last Superstition is just around the corner. Each stage has the production of some particular outcome or range of outcomes as an “end” or “goal” towards which it points.

But what about angels, which are supposed to be both distinct from one another and yet completely immaterial? In my mind feserr already have good grounds for disbelieving in physical realism, but historical fashion hinders our free thought in this matter.

Strawdusty, –They are directly related. It seems Aristotelian metaphysics assumes a physical model for physical reality, and if such a model does not exist then it becomes irrelevant.

If anything the opposite aqkinas clearly the case. The equation nails down the relationship between a the final cause with m the material cause and F the formal cause — since the application of force is realized by the structure of the set-up.

A Quite Long Review of Edward Feser’s Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide

Your values are not universal. I have no doubt that it was believed that the metaphysics they were offering was indeed correct, but aftee centuries of elaboration it is easy to show that it is incoherent, even with the results of the science, nevermind internally.


Neither, then, is it against nature if God does something to natural things in a different way from that to which the course of nature is accustomed. Now perhaps more than ever. Also, your statement is only true in one direction; we could reverse the order and take 0 as our endpoint.

Descartes is laughably bad. After a brief introductory chapter Feser moves into the heart of the matter, viz.

If one is interested in Aquinas, one has to start somewhere, and Edward Feser’s Aquinas: You seem to focus on an aspect that is not germane to the thesis being claimed, or at least is not obviously so. June 3, at 1: The short answer is this: If there is no teleos then there is no purpose or meaning and we all might as well be suicidal nihilists. What you do not get is computable equality, so you need to posit equality as an additional concept, which I am willing to do. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team.

I think it touches on many of the themes in Ozys OP.

Taking Aquinas Seriously | Edward Feser | First Things

In the case of McCabe and Turner, they just insist that freedom is defined in a way that excludes God from the outset. Just a couple leads off the top deser my head.

Matt, that’s very much my understanding. The series of moving movers refers to motion happening in the present. Tony May 20, at And additionally, that Thomism offers a much more sensible, holistic explanation for matter and spiritual being – especially when combined with St.


Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide by Edward Feser

Feb 09, Seth Holler rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feser’s Beginner’s Guide is excellent in explaining Aquinas in fezer own terms and dispelling a lot of objections to Aquinas based on his metaphysics, which is so radically different from post-Enlightenment assumptions about the nature of the world and existence that it is almost always misunderstood.

Within each part, there is some delay, but they are an essential series which as such does not depend on time. God is not technically the cause of evil, but he sees to it everywhere that it be done to paraphrase Maritain’s critical remarks.

It’s one continuous stream of motion. Note, however, that there is no ‘ought’ that God create the “best possible X”, like the best possible universe. Aquunas wait for the movie. Removing any one of those causal “agents” after they propagated their causal influence does not undo their effect.

I spend a lot of time trying to get a handle on what a tomistic scientific methodology would be.