HVX. Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV. Medium-Voltage Switching Devices. HVX. HV. HVX. 0. MEDIUM-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICES. AREVA T&D. HVX Assembled Pole – Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV. The HVX series circuit-breakers are vacuum circuit-breakers for application in 12 to 24 kV indoor switchgear units. Operating conditions. The circuit-breakers.

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If circuit breaker without blocking manget for trolley Y0, circuit diagram according to showing. Bolts and socket-head cap screws except slotted screws and nuts except selflocking nuts Table 2: Schneider Electric to help you – make the best use of its efficiency, enjoy the energy!

The use of other auxiliary products is not admissible. Use cleaning agents for severe soiling: Thus, the market requirements, especially regarding small functional compartments without additional aeva insulating material in the panel to ensure dielectric strength, can be satisfied optimally.

They warn about dangers or provide important information which hvs be complied with at all arvea so as to avoid danger and damage: The control switches are wired to the terminal strip; on request, a plug-and-socket connection with connector and connector base is also available.

Undervoltage release Undervoltage releases are supplied by the auxiliary source permanently.

Contact the manufacturer’s Service Center. Polish to achieve a bright surface: Altitude correction factor ka acc. This symbol warns of dangerous electrical voltage. The solid support provides a constraint-free suspension for the interrupter chamber.

The values specified for the insulating level are referred to sea-level. The energy storing device can be charged immediately after switching ON by hand or by motor. Auxiliary opening release 2. Circuit breaker storage with transportation of packaging that appears the question belongs to the consignee’s responsibility. In case of AC voltage, the coil is supplied via a rectifier installed in the switch housing. Optionally, an electronic pulse stretcher can be supplied.

Operating reliability and service life depend on correct operation. HVX Phase spacing mm Installation: Browse services Field Services Optimize the life cycle of your assets, improve performance, safety, and reduce maintenance costs — all with an experienced provider of complete field services and a partner you can trust.


It must be areeva so that it is at any time readily accessible for and can be used by persons who are to work on the switchgear. Any other use constitutes improper use and may result in dangers and damage.

HVX Assembled Pole

As our products are subject to hhvx further development, we reserve the right to changes regarding standards, illustrations and technical data. Do not perform any work on the circuit-breaker which is not described in this Technical Instruction. Depending on the order volume, components shown may not be included.

Operation counter An operations counter has been integrated into the operator interface to furnish proof of the arva of switching operations actually performed by the circuit-breaker.

Gas-insulated switchgear type 8DQ1, kV, 80 kA siemens.

Make sure that there are no external parts in the circuit-breaker compartment. Moving crank handle optional Emergency crank handle The emergency crank handle can be used to move the HVX circuitbreaker with motor-driven drawing hhvx manually into its racked-in position and back.

It is characterized by compact dimensions, good operator guidance and a modern functional industrial design. It enables the Panel Builder arev design switchgear solutions with fixed type or withdrawable type of circuit breaker with enhanced safety features, full control from a separate room and with the following technical characteristics:.

In addition to providing insulation between the poles and to the ground, the multifunction pole section performs all supporting and protection functions. The number of switching cycles can be used to draw conclusions about the service life or the wreva cycles.

Immediately after cleaning the material metallically bright, coat it with lubricant KL so that the space between the contact surfaces is completely filled once the screws have been fastened.

The type designation is broken down in this example.

HVX 12-17.5-24(technical instruction)

After connecting the external control line, mount the cover plate. Its contents do not constitute an offer for sale or advice on the application of any product referred to in it. Observe the position indicator on the switchgear panel. The intervals depend on the strain to which the switches are subject during operation, and on the operating conditions.


Reliability, operator safety and the mechanical functions of the switching devices have been proved in endurance tests or under regular operating conditions.

HVX (technical instruction) |

Its functions comprise those of a mechanical supporting device for the top and bottom terminal contacts between which the vacuum interrupter chamber is suspended free of mechanical constraints. Move circuit-breaker from disconnected into service position by hand: Transport trolley optional Moving crank handle The crank handle is used to move the switch with manual drawing module from its isolating into its racked-in position and back.

Anti-pumping relay If both an ON and OFF command are permanently present on the circuit-breaker at the same time, the latter returns to its initial position after closing.

When performing the following assembly steps, observe and comply with the instructions given for the panel used. Schneider Electric in China InSchneider Electric was established in the first joint venture plant in Tianjin Merlin Gerin, the circuit breaker technology to China, to replace the traditional fuse, making China the safety of users of electricity has greatly increased, and the establishment of standards for the circuit breaker has made outstanding Contribution.

The following is defined: Auxiliary opening release option F2 Auxiliary closing release F3 Indirect overcurrent release option F4 Undervoltage release option K01 Anti-pumping-relay Drawing number: In this case, there are no insulating bridges between the phases.

You must be familiar with these interlocks before operating the circuit-breaker Electrical interlocks have been designed according to the circuit diagram. On delivery, the circuit-breakers are fully assembled and adjusted.