ASTM D – Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Oils of Petroleum Origin. Using VDE Electrodes. ▫ IEC Insulating. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering

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The voltage in the test circuit should be stable enough to be unaffected by varying current flowing in the capacitive and resistive paths of the test circuit. In order to preclude stirring air with the sample, provide the cell with a cover or baffle that will effectively prevent air from contacting the circulating liquid.

Hipotronics TCVDE Oil Dielectric Test Cell for ASTM D testing – Mitchell Instrument Company

Tightly seal and shield from light until ready to be tested. Product Description The majority of high-voltage transformers, cables, switchgears, transducers, capacitors, and rectifiers use insulating oils for insulating electrically live parts f1816 to carry off thermal energy. USB memory stick Operating Temperature: Determination of the dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating oils provides an early detection method for any reduction in the insulating properties.

If it is necessary to readjust the electrodes, lock the asfm and check the spacing. If the breakdown voltage is in the expected range for this conditioned oil, the cell is considered properly prepared for testing other samples.

After adjustment of the spacing, rinse the cell with a dry hydrocarbon solvent, such as kerosine or solvents of Specification D Enter product nameatm or model. If the test of any sample is below the breakdown value being used by the operator as a minimum d1861 value, drain the cell and flush the cell with new oil of the type to be tested that is filtered through a 5-micron filter and containing less than 25 ppm moisture before testing the next specimen.


Koehler K16175 75kV Dielectric Strength Tester

The residue from the buffing should be removed by repeated wiping with lint-free tissue paper saturated with a suitable solvent, followed by solvent rinsing or ultrasonic cleaning. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed qstm are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

Clearance from the electrodes to all sides, bottom, cover or baffle, and any part of the stirring device ashm at least The impeller, located below the lower edge of the electrodes, rotates in such a direction that the resulting liquid flow is directed downward against the bottom of the test cell.

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It has been found to be especially useful in diagnostic and laboratory investigations of the dielectric breakdown strength of insulating liquid in insulating systems. Construct the test cell of a material of high dielectric strength, that is not soluble astk or attacked by any of the cleaning or test liquids used, and is nonabsorbent to moisture and the cleaning and test liquids.

At the beginning of each days testing, clean according to 7. Conduct a voltage breakdown test on a specimen of this oil in the manner specified in this test method.


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Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: Available request a quote. Request a Free Quote Right Now. Automatic equipment should be used to control the voltage rate of rise because of the difficulty of maintaining a uniform voltage rise manually. Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. Petroleum Products and Biofuel lab apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and rheometers, The spacing agreed upon shall be measured with the gage that corresponds exactly to the selected spacing within tolerance stated above for the gage.

Refer to Terminology D for definitions used in this test method. Up to astk rms symmetrical Voltage measurement accuracy: So that the breakdown may be observed, transparent materials are desirable, but not essential.

Koehler K 75kV Dielectric Strength Tester (ASTM D, D) | Labequip

Oil sampling procedures are detailed in Practice D Adjustment and Care of Electrodes and Test Cell 7. Particular reference should be made to the general precaution statement of this test method.

This test method should be used as recommended by professional ast standards such as IEEE C Calibrate and label automatic controls in terms of rate-of-rise. Measurement of oil temperature: