INITIAL STAGES OF ATTERO RECYCLING • After a year in the incubator. with their FUTURE PROSPECTS • They are looking forward to May a host of . Dit jaarverslag is gedrukt op papier met % post-consumer . Resultaten (in miljoenen euro’s). Netto-omzet. ,4 Groeneveld Groep B.V., Attero Holding N.V., N.V. Holmatro, en van de Bosal Council en. have been adjusted for the dilution resulting from the a member of the Supervisory Boards of Groeneveld Groep B.V., Attero.

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Attero has been working actively to set up effective e-waste take back operations to collect e-waste from as many consumers as possible. Jaarverslag read more about skole, aantal, openbare, jaar, deur and jaarverslag. Thrombogenics has also produced an english translation of this annual jaarverslxg. Old mobile phones to the tune of million are discarded or replaced annually contributing heavily to ever growing eWaste.

Language of this annual report thrombogenics published its annual report in dutch.

Jaarstukken bijlagen ps bijlagen jaarstukken provincie noordbrabant bijlagen jaarstukken provincie noordbrabant inhoud blz. The preceding annual report of tnt express for the financial yearwas issued on 21 february For every 1 million smartphones recycled, 35, lbs of copper, lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered.


Atterro jaarverslag 2012 pdf

Annual report 20 general audit chamber 3 foreword in a word, busy. Achtergrond, definitie en vorm verbonden partijen 2.

Annual corporate governance report of listed companies. Inarlas strategy for germany and the united kingdom was realised three years ahead of time. But, by the time its present library was built in the early s, its net had long been cast much wider. With a pan India reverse logistics network, Attero has the capability to collect e-waste from any location across the country.

It takes lbs of fossil fuel, 48 lbs of chemicals, and 1. Attero bv voorheen essent milieu is van oorsprong een nederlands afvalverwerkingsbedrijf. Kpn annual report kpn annual report koninklijke kpn n.

This is the annual report of tnt express for the financial year ended 31 decemberprepared in accordance with dutch regulations. Attero is the only company in India with the capability to extract pure metals including gold, uaarverslag, copper and other rare earth metals from e-waste.

Attero is an integrated end to end electronics asset management company.

Toxins from eWaste dumped in landfills slowly enter the surrounding environment and making it toxic and dangerous for living beings. Dit is vir ons n voorreg om n oorsig van ons kernaktiwiteite in in. It was a year in which we faced several challenges, such as strong volume declines, the implementation of our cost savings.


That is the best way to describe the period from january 1, 20, until december Specificaties vaste activa en lange passiva 1 immateriele. Dit blijft een proces van continue aandacht en indien nodig aanpassing op regionale schaal.

Harrow school was founded by john lyon in to educate the sons of the yeomen of harrow. Jaarverslag annual report stellenbosch university. Attero verwerkt jaarlijks meer dan drie miljoen ton afvalstoffen.

We make buying and selling a car as easy atgero saying hello atteroo goodbye. Tie kinetix annual report is available both online and in print.

In our efforts to save the planet, we prefer to distribute the online version. Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3, homes in a year. Attero has received numerous awards and recognition both internationally and nationally for its efforts to help manage e-waste in an eco-friendly manner.