Austin Osman Spare (30 December – 15 May ) was an English artist and occultist . His father then surreptitiously submitted two of Spare’s drawings to the Royal Academy, one of which, a design for include Poems and Masks, A Book of Automatic Drawings, , The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare. AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE with Automatic drawings by Mr Spare from Mr Swaffer’s collection. S ome of Spare’s “automatic drawings,” done in pencil. Austin Osman Spare was a British artist whose technically proficient depictions of occult imagery were ‘AUTOMATIC DRAWING’, from a sketchbook,

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Each copy of the edition deluxe was to be “posthumously signed” by Spare by way of tipped in signed cheque that had been recovered from his home after his death. Spare biographer Phil Baker, Spare’s drawings otherwise than as diagrams of ideas which I have quite failed to unravel; I can only regret that a good draughtsman limits the scope of his appeal”.

Kristin rated it liked it Sep 28, His subject matter often includes portraiture and allegorical landscapes that elude to classical mythology. Although this “atavistic resurgence” was very different from orthodox DarwinismSpare greatly admired the evolutionary biologist Charles Darwinand in later life paid a visit to the Kentish drawinv of Downewhere Darwin had written his seminal text On the Origin of Species At the automattic time, he was involved in a newly launched popular art magazine known as Colourwhich was edited in Victoria Street, submitting a number of contributions to its early issues.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Spare with a considerable fund of fancy and invention, although the activities of his mind ausstin find vent through somewhat tortuous channels. He was productive from his earliest years until his death. A great fan of the wireless, he eagerly agreed, but was deeply upset by the result, which appeared on an episode titled “Unusual Beliefs”, believing that he had been ridiculed.

In his opinion, a magical desire cannot become truly effective until it has become an organic part of the subconscious mind. The Sermon to the Hypocriteswhich served as a criticism of British society influenced by the ideas of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.


The Book Of Automatic Drawing

This was a short-lived project, but during its brief career it reproduced impressive figure drawing and lithographs by Spare and others. Artist – Occultist – SensualistBeskin Press, Tomson Titus rated it really liked it Dec 18, He also featured a number of portraits of famous movie stars in the exhibit, leading him to later gain the moniker of “the first British Pop Artist “.

At Blackpool, he was reprimanded for scruffiness, and complained that a part of his pay was being taken away for a “sports fund.

Spare’s art once more began to receive attention in the s, due to a renewed interest in art nouveau in Britain, with several retrospective exhibitions being held in London. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Notably, Grant claimed that Spare had been a member of the secretive Cult of Ku, a Automafic occult sect who met in Stockwell to worship a serpent goddess.

Refresh and try again. Bryan rated it really liked it Feb 05, soman Spare subsequently submitted several drawings for publication in Crowley’s Thelemite journal, The Equinoxreceiving payment in the form of an expensive ritual robe.

Austin Osman Spare results. Visualization Steps Out Losing his home during the Blitzhe fell into relative obscurity following the Second World Waralthough he continued exhibiting till his death in After publishing two short-lived art magazines, Form and The Golden Hindduring the First World War he was conscripted crawing the armed forces and worked as an official war artist.

He would teach a little from January to June, then up to the end of October, would finish various works, and from the beginning of November to Christmas would hang his products in the living-room, bedroom, and kitchen of his flat in the Borough. He has come back in time to play a belated part in the revival of taste for art nouveau.

Austin Osman Spare | artnet

Journalists from the British press took a particular interest in his work, highlighting the fact that, at seventeen years of age, he was the youngest artist in the exhibition, with some erroneously claiming that he was the youngest artist to ever exhibit at the show.


Key to Spare’s magico-religious views were the dual concepts of Zos and Kia. Having left higher education, Spare became employed as a bookplate designer and illustrator, with his first book commission being for Ethel Rolt Wheeler ‘s Behind the Veilpublished by the company David Nutt in Eager to marry off her daughter, who already had one child from an earlier relationship, Mrs Shaw soon introduced Spare to her ausstin, Eily Gertrude Shaw Public awareness of Spare seems to have declined somewhat in the s before the slow but steady revival of interest in his work beginning in the mids.

During the late s he developed and exhibited a style of painting based on a logarithmic form of anamorphic projection which he called “siderealism”. His attention to composition and line are similar to the formal aspects in works by Egon SchieleAubrey Beardsleyand Gustav Klimt.

Want to Read saving…. In the spring ofa recently married woman named Steffi Grant introduced herself to Spare, having developed a fascination with what she read about him in the press. The majority of the books listed above are available as modern osamn. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Agnes School and gained employment at Sir Joseph Causton and Sons, a company that focused on the design of posters.

The fifth issue, for August—Septembercontained an article on Spare and his work, while the sixth contained an article written by Algernon Blackwood that was illustrated by Spare. Draughtsmanpainter and Occultist. Drawig introduced himself to Spare, becoming a patron and champion of his art, which he proclaimed to be a message from the Divine.