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You cause yourself to get shaken at the foundation of your faith and at the foundation of your many forms of attainments. If someone is a yogi, there will be no need to make the effort to connect with each one individually. So why do you not surrender that waste thought to the father? Just as when you digest your food, it becomes blood, then this provides you with energy, in the same way, through cogitating the soul develops power.

You should have a stock of pure thoughts, then the waste will be finished off. Bapdada considers souls who create such thoughts laughable. Thus they get success in their activities.

The main cause of this is that your intellect is not clean. But when the time of listening is over, then that taste is also over.


You cannot allow even one waste thought to persist even for a second, because you are responsible for the subsequent impact on the whole tree. You or the Father? Posted by BKD classes. At that time you say: Waste thought should not even come. During this confluence age, each thought and each action, is invested in the bank for 21 lives.


Waste thoughts will not flow within someone with a very simple, easy going, uncomplicated, gentle and calm nature, nor will they waste their time.

Ultimate Honesty The Swadharma religion of the self of Brahmin life is purity. Since you xvyakt I am the beneficial Father, and you call this a beneficial life, avyaktt whatever are the great words of God, they must be filled with many varieties of benefit. No matter how distant a person may be, and even if there are no facilities or acyakt, yet through the language of thought you can convey a message to anyone.

BK Murli today in Hindi and English – Brahma Kumaris

If you had incontrovertible faith in drama, and you were knowledgeful, and powerful, then waste thoughts would not have the courage to shake you. In the same way if you say: Secondly though your intellect you have understood the method for creating pure thoughts and destroying negative or waste thoughts.

You will remember the atmosphere here, and the elevated company and this will finish off the waste.

Just as you feel it when you speak a wrong word, you should also feel it when you think bapdzda wrong thought. Mkrli matter what someone is like, nevertheless you must maintain good feelings. You create both kinds of creation, in this way you are accomplishing a double task. Outwardly just essence, silence, essence, silence… can produce more space internally to love and to dissolve waste. Secondly remain a detached witness and perform each action. Due to being unable to decide, it is unable to arrive at a solution or make a decision.

Now you need very refined attention. If you have waste thoughts running a lot, you should read the murli 2 or 4 times, and churn it. You have to destroy them using thought.


As much as you develop the stage of the true self, the elevated stage of being the embodiment of knowledge; as much as you attain the stage of the soul who is complete with all virtues, unmoved, unwavering, constant and stable; to that extent you will calm any upheaval that arises in your thoughts.

You enjoy listening, it seems very deep murlu you, you become happy, bapddaa receive very good treasure, but you need greater practice in absorbing it, that is in becoming the embodiment of it.

BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

Everyone must have experienced waste thinking. At all times all three must be activated, because if an old sanskaraold nature or waste thought is not destroyed, how will you be able to engender a new creation.

Then what would happen? The Language of Thought The language of thought is also a very elevated language. The Father does not create any waste creation.

Mkrli the path of Bhakti they call out for the days of the life of supersensuous joy to be quadrupled, and yet you are getting tired of them. This means you need to pay attention to your words and your mind. One moment you perform an action, the next moment you experience the reward or punishment.

The thought of a Poonya Atma a soul who bapcada acquired special power because of performing a lot of charity acts like a spiritual magnet.