Additional Rules: Q: What happens when it is my turn and I don’t have any. Bakugan in my unused pile? A: Return all of your Bakugan from your used pile to . Read Rules of Bakugan from the story Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Hydrath ( Silvally) with reads. cardgame, bakuganbattlebrawlers, fantasy. “Hey Alice. BAKUGANĀ® RULES. This is a 2 player game. Each player has a team of 3 Bakugan and each is trying to be the first to capture 3 Gate cards. When ready, each.

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This is known as the “Big Game Rules” in the reference texts. Follow the above instructions bakhgan each turn and any battles that arise. Battle when two Bakugans open on the same card.

The winner of the game is the first player to capture three Gate Cards. You rotate back and forth. However, to balance the game, the general rule though there have been exceptions is that each one can only be used once per round.

Gameplay consists of placing down metal Gate Cards then rolling the Bakugan onto the cards where they spring open baukgan the magnet inside the Bakugan hit the metal inside the Gate Card.

Free: Bakugan Rule Book – Trading Card Games – Auctions for Free Stuff

Remember the Gate Card text always take over the rules of the regular rule example of Gate Card text: The most significant differences lie in the arenas in order to adapt the game to a video game setting. Play ability cards if you want to. Roll for the gate card still in play. When the Resistance Bakugan evolve, their Ability Card arsenal changes entirely.


Bakugan is a game played with cards and Bakugan character capsules. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Roll the Bakugan with just the right speed so rulebook it stops on one of the gate cards and opens. G-Power is absent, replaced by a health bar. After an Ability is used, it must be recharged over time to be reused.

Choose the gate card that you want to play first and lay it between you and your opponent. Holograms, which have attributes like Bakugan, can be placed as decoys. TT Tom Talon Nov 30, Nearly all Ability Cards also have a little note with extra instructions. Pick three ability cards.

Sign In Don’t have an account? This article contains the details of the Gameplay of the card game, Bakugan.

The player who has the highest score at this point wins the gate! Not Bakuvan 2 Helpful 5. Bakugan are placed by collecting DNA and spending it to place Bakugan. The final battle in the first video game plays somewhat differently; players take turns placing one Gate Card at a time and only use their partner Bakugan, similar to the battles from late Season 1 onwards in the anime. Cookies make wikiHow better.

What do I do if my Bakugan and my opponent’s Bakugan land on different cards? The winner of a battle is the Bakugan with the highest G-power. Continue rolling Bakugan until either yours or an opponent’s lands on a card with an opposing Bakugan. Thanks for letting us know.


Carter Field Jun 5, Click here to share your story. Power ups can be found on the battlefield, which increase speed, attack, defense, ru,ebook health, and the like. Can I use those Bakugan again? Not Helpful 10 Helpful They will lay theirs closer to you, as well.

You are only allowed to reuse a Bakugan once all rulsbook of them have been used once. Look through your collection of Bakugans and pick the three you want to play with.

This was so elaborate and easy to understand. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If a Landmark is destroyed, the player loses the battle. Tips Read through the Bakugan Battle Brawlers rulebook if you want to better understand the more intricate details of the game. Once a player has won three gate cards, the game is over and they are declared the winner.

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Not Helpful 3 Helpful Help answer questions Learn more. It depends, if the person playing with you agrees not to use Ability Cards not recommended then you don’t have to use those, but Gate Cards are a must to play the game. The youngest player rolls first. Lay your card closer to your opponent in the game area.