18) These VTT ready battlemaps for the Barrow of the Ogre King is located south of Loudwater in the Gray Vale as a part of the Forgotten. The Barrow of the Ogre King. barrow. Advertisements One thought on “The Barrow of the Ogre King”. Chapter 1 | Forgotten Realms. Session 1: Barrow of the Ogre King. Eleasias, 8th Month in the Year of the Dark Circle, DR. A group of four individuals, each with their own personal desire .

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As it were, he thought him strange at best. Thunder Slam A shock wave of sound kin into the enemy. Encounter Free Action Personal Effect: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. She dropped her name, Sekhmet, in a symbolic attempt to rid herself of her past, and took on the nickname Nifty, something her mother used to call her as a child.

She loves a good story, especially when it involves the history of the elves and other fey folk. Forgotten Realms – Barrow of the Ogre King.

Barrow of the Ogre King – 4e LFR Adventure – Page 2 – Myth-Weavers

You choose a specific form whenever you use wild shape to change into beast form. Character Creation All characters start at level 1, with ability scores generated by od 1 or 2 standard point buy, in other words and gp to buy starting equipment.


She keeps a dagger hidden in her boot, shurikens up her sleeve, and a short sword and hand crossbow at her sides.

But one day people came.

I’m still learning how the paladin and most of the classes for that matter work. Add tags Tags separate by space: He doesn’t really say much, but when he does it’s worth listening to.

Barrow Of The Ogre King

If it hits, dude pretty much explodes. His hair is silver with strangs of clear crystal that splits light that pases through into a myriad of color as from a prism or a drizzle of water.

His wire-like beard and bushy eyebrows are mostly gray from all the chalk he uses to paint his markings. He keeps his hair neatly cut in a short style and he maintains a cleanly shaven face whenever possible.

Attempted to return the Ogre King back to life with ritual. The sound he can produice from it is a continuious bouncing rythmic noise that can carry for miles. An ally drops to 0 hit points or barrow Target: Otherwise, the spirit is unaffected by the attack. He could feel the hair on the back of his neck and his beard stand on end and a slight buzzing in the air assaulted his ears.

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. And therefore he gradually settled into cosmic ogree – a means to channel his knowledge of the cosmos through powerful magic. In her mind Alysandra begs Sune, ” if only the girl hadn’t run, she could have lived!


Applications I would like applications in igre following form: Also I’ve decided to leave my battle maps more barren then not to allow you the DM the flexibility on the objects in the area. Like most drow males Dhartin was treated harshly by the females in his family and would often wonder away from his home whenever he could, despite being very young.

Siana loves to run her fingers across the dark, polished wood, and though the ornament has never exhibited any magical properties, she believed as a youth that it was a magical amulet, left for her by Corellon as a ward against evil. Watching all hell break loose around him, Ander say to the townspeople, “You lot!

Part 2 of 2 of attachments. For a quick list of available race and class options, refer to this thread on Wizard forums, which is kept reasonably up-to-date and accurate.

The Barrow of the Ogre King

You can’t see me if I’m in a box. It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign.

Characters can also obtain directions with a DC 15 Streetwise check in Loudwater or by asking Curuvar.