This species of Bergenia is very unique and much sought after by collectors. The large, rounded leaves are covered on both sides with soft, downy hairs. Bergenia ciliata, commonly called fringed bergenia, hairy leaf bergenia or winter begonia, is a large-leaved, slow-growing, clump-forming perennial that typically. This topic provides information about the cultivation practices of Bergenia ciliata.

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Help our carriers to deliver and possibly save yourself some time If you feel it is safe for a delivery to be left at you address, if you are not present, it may be helpful to specify a specific place to leave the package e. We are very sorry, but due to the complications of sending to European countries we have decided to no longer deliver to countries within the EU. Winter mulch may be advisable to protect roots in northern climates which lack continuous snow cover. Up to 5 rhizomes bare root plants: The root of this plant has a high reputation in indigenous systems of medicine for dissolving stones in the kidneys[].

They make excellent alternatives to Hosta on drier and windier sites. Established plants have tolerance for brief periods of drought, but perform best with consistent moisture.

If after reading the information regarding delivery you do not understand how delivery to your area works please contact our office and we will try to explain it to you further. Irises are despatched separately from other plants and incur a separate delivery charge.

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A slightly cheaper alternative which when dealing in large numbers can save money, yet still large enough to give an impact. Edging for paths and walkways. Promptly remove spent flowering stems. The root is used as a tonic in the treatment of fevers, diarrhoea and pulmonary affections[,]. All plant pages have their own unique code. In some cultivars and species, notably Bergenia ciliate, Bergenia stracheyi and Bergenia x spathulata, the larger leaves are often lost in colder weather.

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Overcollection in many areas of its range are a cause for conservation concern[]. This is done to bergeina we send the irises in their best possible condition.

Bergenia ciliata PFAF Plant Database

Cilixta up for our e-newsletter. Very easy, larger divisions can be planted straight into their permanent positions whilst smaller clumps are best potted up and kept in a cold frame until they are growing away well. Fruit Gardening Vegetable Gardening. Garden Uses Outstanding large-leaved foliage plant that serves as an excellent ground cover for shady areas of the landscape.

Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Blvd. It can ciliatq in semi-shade light woodland or no shade. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs. This site uses cookies to improve your experience.

Bergenia ciliata ‘Dumbo’ | Claire Austin

A larger pot size offering a large root system and larger foliage clump. We reserve the right to change any part, or all, of our delivery areas, prices, delivery information relating to plant combinations, or any berenia matter that may materially affect delivery at any time.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Propagate by division spring or fall or by seed. Tolerates full shade, but foliage appearance is best with some sunny or sun dappled conditions. Please be aware that split shipment is to be expected, as only up to 5 peonies are likely to ciliataa in each box.


Bergenia are native of damp rocky woodland and meadows and in cultivation are remarkably easy to grow in either sun or light shade in anything but the most boggy or dry, hot sites. Generally ‘leave safe’ is not sufficient.

On moist rocks and under forest shade, – metres in Kashmir[].

Smith of Newry, using Bergenia cordifolia and Bergenia purpurascens. Flowers in some climates appear before the new leaves emerge.

Bergenia ciliata

It prefers moist soil. The pot size generally reflects the amount of fresh growth that will appear in the spring.

ciliatw For more information about QR Codes click here. It is in leaf all year, in flower from March to May. The leaves of this choice species are large- up to 30cm across, well rounded and covered in tiny hairs.

Plants For A Future can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring or early summer, after the last expected frosts.

Delivery Areas The areas we deliver to are broken down in to begrenia price bandings according to location and the carrier cost to us. Culture Bergenai hardy to USDA Zones where it is easily grown in organically rich, consistently moist, well-drained soils in part shade cool summer climates or close to full shade hot summer climates.

We are currently updating this section. A good ground cover plant[], forming a slowly spreading clump[, ].