Bhakti in the hearts of men. One of these hymns is the famous Bhaja Govindam. The way of devotion, is not different from the way of knowledge. BHAJA GOVINDAM Tranlation With Telugu Script – Download as Word Doc .doc) , PDF File .pdf), Text File Bhaja Govindam Lyrics and Meaning. Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to.

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He saw nothing but good. One has to learn to do every action as a form of worship to God, according to Srimad Bhagavad Gita. That tremendous purity, that tremendous renunciation is the secret of spirituality”.

Such questions are many and may appear simple but the answers are very difficult. The mind should always be kept pure, whatever may be the external form. Go or Gobhih means Vedic words, statements or declarations of Upanishads. The only way out of getting entrapped in this quagmire or quicksand is to raise oneself above the body-consciousness. At the same time, one should not indulge in criticism of others, who do not believe in God or who are not devotees, as despise them would be arrogance.

With the accumulation of wealth, the desires also increase, which ultimately breed pain and misery.

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The mind is the seat of all thoughts and activities. The fools who fail gpvindam understand the self are caught even here in hell-fire and suffer torture. What are these illusory forms? What is this Maya?


To become eligible we constantly invoke godly vaasanaas in us. With the passage of time, the body decays and perishes. So, the same file is available for download from different sources.

Rajagopalachari put in his commentary, “When intelligence jnana matures and lodges securely in the heart, it becomes wisdom vignyana. One must attain liberation by gradually reducing and ultimately getting rid of attachments, as from attachment flows grief and delusion. The satisfaction springing from sense enjoyment has very limited life and it binds one in karma. When all are One and there is no Second, where is the question that One is different from the Other, as all are HIS manifestations alone.

Living in flesh and implicitly obeying to the wretched body-consciousness is universally very easy for any one, as the body wants such sensory pleasures or gratification and no practice is necessary for that, but to fight against its own low instincts and come to win the divine mastery over the flesh is very difficult.

Sri Adi Shankaracharya Bhaja Govindam In Telugu – Temples In India Information

One has to be solid and strive to filter away from one’s mind the influences of vicissitudes of life in order to develop the mental equipoise. Thinking so, we become its slaves. Bhaja Govindaj, Bhaja Govindam Meaning: As age progresses and when one becomes old, one submerges oneself in telugh and fears. Desires multiply as long as we keep on satisfying them. It does not mean that one should run away into forests, leaving behind the kith and kin or dependents high and dry.


Such a person will get exposed soon.


The real achievement is to be gained in one’s own personal inner contemplation by clinging to the sacred feet of Govinda, so that even long before the world comes to reject, one can reject the world of activities and retire into a higher world, where only the Supreme Truth or Govinda exists.

As the head and body bows before the deity, the manas and the vachanam should also portray the same attitude and this attitude should continue to grow deeper and deeper, till one completely forgets what the negative feeling is.

He says that when the mind is drawn to something evil, seek the company of the good, noble and holy people. Very strange is this family bond or samsaara.

Who is my father?

Renouncing the objects of the world is not real renunciation, lyrkcs giving up desires to acquire them is the real sacrifice. The old man moves about with the support of crutches.

It has various other meanings such as sky, earth, voice, senses and so on. Here the rules of grammar mean all secular knowledge and earthly acquisitions or possessions.

Life is wasted in the quest of what is transient and deluding. Man is essentially selfish and without expecting something in return, he will not do anything.