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We are the Lords of sciences and knowledge. Those who want luxuries and pleasures will be obedient to you. Even the greatest ascetics cannot perform to perfection.

Now, I feel more comfortable. Immersed in the comfort of peace arising from the Union with the Supreme Spirit.

Hands get decorated by charity and not by gold bangles. Voice shrinks and shivers. Those who want money surround and serve you. He should not be moved by the penetrating rays of satakan kindly rays emanating from women’s eyes. The creator made earth as bed for cattle. Sleeps in a graveyard. This abode is also temporary.

Bhratruhari Subhashitalu

If a person wants to enjoy desired results, the Goddess Bhagavati should be approached and worshipped. How to identify it? The poet addresses the ascetic to concentrate only on that unique, supreme, vibrant experience. The poet wonders that having all these great things were the result of which past great penance.


Now what is the best and the fittest thing to be done? After exposure to and friendship with great scholars, I realised that I knew very little. Absence of love and attachment to wife bhartrhhari children 4.

He narrates the story of a bald headed person: He sacrificed his pride and served the rich. When a person is poor, he treats even a seed of grain as of great value. Won’t your tasks get fulfilled automatically in a fitting manner?

Whatever he does, his home and premises abound in gems and precious stones. Both enjoy peace, when milk and water live together. Let all the noble qualities cave in and collapse to even lower levels.

Learn all arts and skills. Do not again be engaged to the desire for this unreliable mundane world and family life. Night well lit with moon’s rays. Oh God of Fate, I salute thee! The poet gives a list of such situations: Mooksha Strive for delieverance from the terrible cycle of births, old age and death. He alone remains awaiting the day of destruction. Instead of feeling unhappy, he feels elated. The poet compares three choices of begging available for a hungry person to fill up his belly.


Krishna preaches reluctant Arjuna to fight a battle. He could not get a cent.

Bhartrihari Subhashitam

Where is the happiness? The poet gives marvellous examples: He describes what he did to quench his greed. Though great men like Gandhi, Tilak et al claimed that Gita changed their lives, I feel that Bhartruhari can change the lives of people suffering this hell of the materialistic world often without cognisance and occasionally knowinglyparticularly those who are addicted to vices like narcotics and alcohol. Scholar — Humility and modesty. Doesn’t one Sun light the whole Earth?

Bhartruhari Neeti Satakam ( భర్తృహరి నీతి శతకము )

Only one dwelling, be it in the town or in the forest. The poet declares that Fate Creator’s Will is a dictator. Living in a State of Union with the Supreme Spirit and the consequent happiness, albeit not shedding this physical body.

The creator made ‘air’ as food for snakes.