Sartorius Picus Electronic Pipette is the smallest and lightest electronic pipette on the Pipettes, >, Sartorius Biohit Pipettes, >, Sartorius Picus Electronic Pipette. Shop online for a wide selection of Sartorius Biohit PICUS 8-Channel Electronic Pipet Reduces risk of repetitive strain injury. Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™. Upgrade your pipetting with unbeatable prices. For a limited time, you can get up to 35% savings on Sartorius Biohit Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes, 12 Channels.

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Pipette Electronic Single Channel 0. The lightest and smallest electronic pipette ensures optimal working posture and offers comfortable pipetting. Picus Pipetting Modes Picus Pipettes have 8 operating modes to suit different applications. Are you sure you wish to proceed? Grid View Grid List. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Known as forerunner in liquid handling products with a long history in pixus ergonomic, high quality pipettes, Biohit has now set a completely new standard for electronic pipettes.

Regular service and calibration will ensure that the precision and accuracy of your pipettes are maintained so that your results are not compromised.

Achieve reliable results New generation technology — electronic brake and the piston control system guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results. Separate password protection for administrator and user profiles in Picus NxT prevents unauthorised modifications to settings.


Sartorius 12 Channel Calibration of Electronic Pipette

See the Sartorius Picus electronic pipette in motion. See the range of Picus multi channel pipettes. Intuitive user interface — adopt the main functions easily without the manual.

Lab Bulletin is published by newleaf marketing communications ltd. Benefits Enjoy pipetting New ergonomic design protects you from RSI repetitive strain injury and eases the workload in long pipetting series. Your details will be referred to the company and they will provide you with more information regarding your enquiry directly If you have not logged into the website then please enter your details below.

Hot key — fast access to your favourite programs easing up your routine work. Learn to use it in a minute! Please see the table below for full information. Use the enquiry form to request details of your specific requirements.

Sartorius 12 Channel 5.3 Calibration of Electronic Pipette (Sartorius)

Carousel charging stand for multiple pipettes. Each range offers features to help you do this yourself. Hot key — fast access to your favorite programs easing up your routine work.

Take your microwell plate pipetting to the next level! Intuitive user interface — adopt the biihit functions easily without the manual. Accessories Linear stand Single charging stand Carousel charging stand for multiple pipettes Safe-cone filters Colour-coded caps.

Picus Pipette supplied by Alpha Labs | Sartorius Liquid Handling Partner

Easing your work load, protecting you from injury and ensuring accurate and precise pipetting results! Lab Pixus confirmed as a major hit with visitors, exhibitors and speakers.


Our Brands View all. Unfortunately that product code no longer exists, may we suggest this replacement instead? Fastest volume setting and easy menu navigation with bioohit Adjustment wheel. Sometimes it’s those extras that make the difference between one range and another. If you have not logged into the website then please enter your details below.

Meet Picus — biobit Red Dot awarded electronic pipette that eases your work load, protects you from injuries by ensuring optimal working posture and allows accurate and precise pipetting results! For further details, click here.

The result is the most ergonomic and sophisticated pipette in the market for laboratory professionals who demand the highest quality, safety and reliability in their work.

Alpha Laboratories offers a comprehensive range of service and calibration options covering all popular brands pcus pipettes and dispensers. Likewise, if your accuracy and precision of your results are critical, the performance aspects will be key. Learn to use it in a minute!