The is a fully programmable triple Output DC Power Supply delivering 0- 30V/A For example: BK PRECISION, , ,V Do not operate the instrument in ways not specified by this manual or by B&K Precision. Failure to comply with these precautions or with warnings elsewhere in . The is a fully programmable triple output DC Power Supply delivering. 0- 30V/A on 2 outputs and V/A on 1 output. Each output is fully floating and.

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Pressthen enter a numerical value Enter followed by.

BK Precision BK W Triple Output Programmable DC Bench PSU | Rapid Online

Model Fuse Description Fuse 3. The Structure of the condition register is as followed: Save My Shopping List.

Page of 48 Go. Clearly state in writing the performance problem and return any leads, probes, pecision and accessories that you are using with the device. Operate in tracking mode, with user-defined ratios between channels, to maintain a programmed ratio.


When configuring for series or parallel operation, the user must wire the terminals to match the configuration.

B&K Precision Triple Programmable DC Power Supply | Transcat Canada

Save to shopping list. Also See for Instruction manual – 51 pages. Additionally you can generate and execute simple test sequences.

Page 29 The Structure of the condition register is as followed: This chapter describes in detail how to operate the instrument manually via the front-panel keys. Precixion a Enter Enter numerical value followed by or press to set the wait-time. Page 47 Service Information Warranty Service: This application software supports all the functionality available through the front panel.

To disable the system wait time function, set the wait time to 0 seconds. Quick Start This chapter will help you getting acquainted with the front panel operation of this power supply. DC Power Supply Output voltage: Channels 1 and 2 connected in series Load Out Parallel Set This function configures the instrument for parallel operation.

Safety Information Safety precixion Please review the following safety precautions before operating our equipment. The power supply does not automatically connect the appropriate terminals internally based on the configuration selected.


BK Precision 913XX Power Supply

If necessary, reconfigure the baud rate, address, COM port etc to make sure the parameters on both sides match. This command reads the calibration information.

Before test, please select the channel: Remove the carrying handle and the two plastic ears before rack-mounting the instrument.

All the VFD annunciators will turn on at once. Pumps, Motors and Compressors.

BK Precision 9130 Instruction Manual

ENABle This command sets the parameter of the quest event enable register. Page 46 [left intentionally blank] This command queries the time of the output-timer for the current channel.

Exit Menu Power Model: AMPLitude] This command sets the max. ERRor This command is used to obtain error information from the power supply. Check for any missing display segments. Menu Function Over Temp 4. Service Information Warranty Service: