The Reckoners is a trilogy of young adult superhero novels written by American author Brandon Sanderson. . After the events of Steelheart and Mitosis, David Charleston, dubbed as the infamous ‘Steelslayer’ by many, is searching for. Brandon Sanderson is the last person I would have assumed would trick me with false advertising, but after only 44 pages were done of the ‘Mitosis’ copy I had. Mitosis is a novellete written by Brandon Sanderson that is part of The Reckoners series. It takes place between Steelheart and Firefight.

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Secret History builds upon the characterization, events, mitoosis worldbuilding of the original trilogy. She disappears, and David contemplates how the Epics’ weaknesses may possibly be connected to events from their past, like Mitosis’ weakness was his own rock music from the past. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Women are dying in their millions. Lynx and the rest of the Cards are heading south. Community 17th Shard Forums Blog Arcanum.

When they meet Steelheart, they try out all but one theory of breaking his invincibility, but none work. Prof, agonized by her death, destroys the entire Sharp Tower, and Megan manifests a parachute to barely allow them to survive the fall.

These sanderrson were, again, for the soul purpose of creating more hype for Firefight. David is too late, but discovers that Megan had rigged the high-tech gun Tia gave him to shoot her future self should she die of fire, which was her weakness and would disable her reincarnation abilities, and had succeeded. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.


The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch.

Buy for others

This is a super short novella involving how the city has changed after the ending of Steelheart. Gollancz Graceling Kristin Cashore. You don’t put ketchup on those, and for anyone who’s come to Chicago and tried, you’ll probably have an experience similar to Abraham’s.

I like the idea of not so super heroes.

This is frustrating because the edition costs the same price as a standard paperback novel. Suddenly, nearby rooftops blaze and explode, and it’s revealed that Regalia has brought in Obliteration, an incredibly strong and cryptic Epic who has a flair for the theatrics and is famous for desolating HoustonSan Diegoand Albuquerquenot wanting to rule, but simply to destroy.


There isn’t a lot I can say without giving anything away. David detonates the bomb, to no effect, but before Calamity can kill him Prof and Megan appear. He expects her to be surprised, confused, even overwhelmed. In spite of this, he is apparently lazy, satisfied with ruling his single city and allowing other epics to do as they will.

The Obernewtyn Chronicles Isobelle Carmody 9. The war is over. This was a brilliant action-packed short story!

Some blame scientists, some see the hand of God. Please help The Coppermind by expanding it.

David discovers that Larcener is Calamity, a supernatural being that loathes humans and at the same time fears their world. I should note that I grabbed this audiobook from audible for free. When his father shot Deathpoint, the bullet grazed Steelheart’s cheek and caused him to bleed. For me, this saved the edition. Lies of the Beholder Legion series 3 He holds the same mitoeis as Steelheart and his father from the alternate universe, and by turning the ISS into steel, the team survives the landing.


Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Hunger Games Suzanne Collins 9. She promised Prof she would kill him if he ever turned and she is working on plans to do so.

These are the dangerous people, the people The Alloy of Law Mistborn: Prof has faced his fear—of his powers, of failure—in order to save David, and this is braandon key; he has reclaimed his powers in a way that Calamity can neither steal nor corrupt.

He sanderosn a dowser, able to sense other epics. View all 3 comments. Gateway Template Matthew Hughes. It feels like a rough draft for the start of Firefight that didn’t quite work out right.

: Mitosis: A Reckoners Story (The Reckoners) eBook: Brandon Sanderson: Kindle Store

Nov 29, Gavin rated it really liked it Shelves: With different realities bleeding into one another, David slips into an alternate world, one where there is no Calamity, where Steelheart and Firefight are good epics and apparently fighting alongside the Reckoners.

Sanderson has a precise way of writing, whether its his epic fantasy or in-your-face superhero fiction. Mar 18, Emily Books with Emily Fox rated it liked it. Near the start of the book, David makes contact with The Reckoners During the escape, Megan is killed, but they do succeed in kidnapping Conflux.