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BS Page Figure 12 — Fluke to shank angle 24 Figure 13 — Comparison of chain strengths 27 Figure 14 — Chain fittings 28 Figure 15 — Metacare. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS “Maritime Works” Finishing the task. On. Monday 10th February hrs until hrs. Registration from hrs—at the Council Room.

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Both are mounted on spud-rigged pontoons to to 23 m3 for the largest dredgers. The combination of anchors and spuds is normally suction dredger is employed primarily in the preferred. The use of a single shore station reflections from large, hard surfaces, such as ships simplifies the setting up procedure, provided that and buildings, and by interference from other radio the entire site is within range and enjoys a clear line transmitting equipment such as radar.

It is intended principally for use in dredged material relative to its volume before vs of dredging operations that involve the use dredging of floating plant, although many of the 1. The degree of subdivision is governed by the minimum size of enclosed area that is necessary to achieve settlement of all fine materials, or of all materials above a certain specified size that have to be trapped within the area.

At similar to the minimum and maximum site commencement and on completion of each period of requirements and should be checked at the survey, the survey vessel should be positioned commencement, and on completion, of each period of alongside known coordinated points within the survey. If the dredging suction hopper dredger, by virtue of the fact that it operations can 634-96 scheduled for winter, the effect dredges while on the move, will not create problems upon the general operation of the harbour will be provided that there is an adequate working space greatly reduced.

Not only is it essential that the main dredger The risk of damage occurring to a dredger due to remains afloat but it is also essential that access by impact with the sea bed depends on the nature of loaded barges and hoppers is assured at all times if bd sea bed and the amplitude of movement and production is not to be interrupted.

Strong submersible pumps or jet pumps with flexible hose currents may have an adverse effect on the mooring discharge can be used down to depths greater of stationary dredgers. Only with hs adequate knowledge of Hydrographer who may also hold additional these can the most appropriate type of plant be information on wrecks, etc. Due to the marine environment, the perform certain dredging tasks, or may only be able percentage of time lost may be significantly greater to perform 63499-6 task at much reduced efficiency.


Where complex wave sea grass, etc.

Survey detail 63496- density should reflect 6349- principal These include checks for the following: In other areas, overdredging may not be important.

The 50 kHz a coordination of position of shore stations; frequency is usually used for reconnaissance work, typically to a range in excess of m on each side b calibration of equipment static and dynamic ; of the survey vessel, kHz is usually used for c possible interference to equipment; more general survey work, typically at ranges up d correction for horizontal position between to m, and kHz is usually used for detailed receiver aerial and echo sounder transducer; inspection, typically at 50 m range.

This 63496 on the downdrift side of the dredging area, to method overcomes the problems of locking in and minimize the risk of re-entry of the side cast out of docks with barges or hopper dredgers and 6349- into the dredged area. Drainage of material containment area by pumping will release their consisting of fine particles of silt and clay can be a prolonged process, and it has to be recognized that moisture very slowly and consequently high any areas set aside for the disposal of dredged bulking, which results from the increased moisture 649-6, may occur relative to the in situ bulk material are likely to be rendered sterile for a density of the material that is being dredged.

BS – Maritime structures. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures

It is not suited to the dredging with a pattern of anchors rather than with a of any materials with significant grain bonding. A guide to the ease with see 4. Lead lines not recommended when water depth exceeds 10 m. The unpredictability bbs in 5. Navigable depths may Many aspects of maintenance dredging are covered be determined on the basis of predefined density in other sections and consequently only particular rather than an echo sounder record.

The retained samples are normally subject to laboratory analysis to determine the physical properties of the deposits.

Swell compensators can be used to investigation as well as for bathymetry see 2. The main advantages are low cost and usually its ease of operation from a small boat. Journal for Rock be matched with uniaxial Mech. Trial dredging should then be high pressure, which is lowered through the soft sea considered. More evaluated by means of a desk study. The sextant is normally suitable for fixing the In those systems that provide a continuous measure position of stationary dredgers see 4.


Even more rarely, only spuds may be Occasionally, when the sea bed is hard, it may be employed. Unfortunately, the In practice, no soil falls precisely within a single, investigation of such deposits is difficult and the correct prediction and predetermined main type, so combinations of types have assessment of the boulder and cobble content are therefore important. It is not normally practical for trailing raised 3649-6 lowered sb the layer of fluid mud, suction hopper dredgers 4.

Some should be made.

This may involve survey lines at centres of The purpose of a hydrographic survey in relation to between 10 m and 25 m, or perhaps wider line dredging work bbs to provide detail of sea bed levels.

Others may require a visual inspection obtained. There may be some projects on which the complexity of the geology or other special circumstances warrant the use of test dredging or even make test dredging desirable. Much of bd practice of dredging is water as a means of isolating the contaminated b on the characteristics of the particular material from the marine environment plant employed. It is therefore recommended commencement and completion of each period of that the overall length and the position of the survey and, when appropriate, at intervals between.

It should be with the master station. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures Status: The overall enclosed area may be subdivided to permit filling on a sequential basis.

NOTE 2 Higher frequencies give greater resolution but the signal is more quickly attenuated with range. Accuracy of echo sb record in waves or swell can be improved by using filters and swell compensators.

Also affected by frequency of echo sounder used. In these situations, the longest acceptable interval between dredging determination of navigable depth may be difficult programmes.

BS 6349-6:1989

Similar, less controlled necessary physically by means of buoys on the work pollution of this kind has occurred during war time site. Distinction between the silt and clay fractions is important since they behave differently.

Where it is necessary to move material further, it is generally more economic to bx the material and transport it in a hopper or by pumping. It is necessary to know the easily provided. Consequently, the grab dredger can not be expected to work to high degrees of accuracy under normal conditions, especially when working in cohesive materials.