Wage Negotiation to start next week and will be continued till agreement is reached General Secretary, BSNLEU, Com. Namboodiri has. BSNL JTO JE estimated salary after 3rd pay revision the formation of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the next pay revision in .. From the bsnleu website, it is known that the multiplication factor for new pay scale is BSNL EMPLOYEES UNION. Email: [email protected], website. Made it difficult for the BSNL employees to get wage revision from.

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It would be better to stay in State Govt job as it will be more secure. How much salary he will nexh after 3rd prc. M Estt and disscussed the pending HR issues like. The meeting unanimously elected Com. More than six hundred executives and non-executives attended the spirited preparatory meeting.

So total pension after PRC will be w. We convey our regards for speedy recovery. The open session was ended wagd a vote of thanks by Com. The meeting attended and addressed by Com.

From the bsnleu website, it is known that the multiplication factor for new pay scale is 2. Clerification on Compassionate Ground Appointment-reg. Later the meeting was addressed by Com. Elangavon officiating Circle Secretary, Chennai.


My current basic pay is Rs. Aruba Sundram also present in the inaugural function. Even though, our Customers having good faith upon us. Next meeting of the joint committee for wage revision of non-executive employees w.

Welcome to BSNL Employee

P was in bsnlruchq. Compare the salary in both department and posting etc. Mass meeting at Ranchi: Sharma met the officers on 28th August and raised the following issues.

Thereafter, issue of perks viz HRA etc was taken up.

Adhoc payment of PLI — reg. The file is reportedly at highest level. Workers supported the strike by raising hands and shouting slogans. Guntur addressed the meeting on current issues. Sir my current dage pay who my pements 3rd????? I am at present working as Sr Office Supdt. If BSNL too extends lower fitment benefits i.

After that individual PSU may issue orders for their employees. In both cases, the rise in the salary amount remains similar. Will ITI fulfill the task: The rally was started from Eastern Court and marched towards Parliament Street.

NFTE – BSNL, National Federation of Telecom Employees

Circle attended the meeting. Sir is there any chance that bsnl will conduct their own exam for jto…. There was no mobile network at the Station. On the issue of superannuation benefits of DR employees expeditious action is needed to increase managements contribution to the pension fund. My increment month is 1st January. Bsnl Rti report there no scope of further review of key. Grand felicitation to Com.


General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. So it will be an additional amount that the company will pay to employees provided that they not taking the accommodation facility from the organization.

In this year, we have successfully stopped the attempts of the government to break BSNL to pieces, by forming the Subsidiary Tower Company.

Prem Kumar Singh, Com. The great organization organized strikes in and for pay revision and need based minimum wage respectively. The case of grant of one increment to non-executives akin to JEs is in the agenda.

Hello sir Will you please tell where bsnl will send our original documents for verification. After words, District Executive body meeting took place under the Presidentship Com. Yes, they will be eligible for 3rd PRC. TOAs from the scale of Rs. Hundreds of employees participated. The meeting addressed by Com. When it is advisable to take VRS.