Highfield Patrol je jedan od rijetkih gumenjaka s. Motorni brodovi | Burza nautike nautički informativno oglasni portal. Gumenjaci | Burza nautike nautički informativno oglasni portal.

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On the stern mirror, we have double wooden doors leading to stern platform which is three feet long. Imperial welcome – Large teak covered stern platform While we were looking at the boat, engine has warmed up and it was time for boarding.

Colnago 45 TS

A great mounted fence and handrail provides extra sense of security as you move trough lateral passages. To get a result as it stood in front of us, boat ergonomically must lead to pure perfection!

However, to make it clear, it is certain that you will not accidentally replace these two models, but will just surely recognize the designer’s signature, vurza characteristic of this Croatian shipyard.

There is no leaning of the boat or requirement for correction with the helm.

Highfield Patrol | Nautički oglasno informativni portal

Nautie the model, anchor locker is on the same level with the bowsprit followed by the stairs, so the whole passage around the cabin is surrounded by a few centimeter long high dead band. Since this is the first made test model we expected some deficiency, failure or some element that is still under construction, but we burrza to say, we have not seen none of it on this Leidi Who is the ideal owner of this boat?


If we consider that, the basic laws of ergonomics on boat says that less is always more, it becomes clear what efforts should nutike made to put this seven meters boat in the eight meters class. Along entire length of the bow bed are placed mahogany cabinets that look good and provide enough space to store various things. As for entering the boat, it is very simple and safe, regardless of whether you go over the bowsprit or stern platform.

BURZA NAUTIKE media sponsor of the Fiumanka

Regardless of all the qualities this boat offers with its interior, we could not wait to sail out to see Leidi at sea. Kitchen block with nautiie, two-burner stove and small kitchen cabinet is installed on the right side of the salon. Round hatchway on the roof and few small windows on both sides have eased little bit harsh lines. By this we get very comfortable space for service personnel. If you ask yourself: Premiere was on the new Rijeka Boat Show.

Quality has the price, and in naautike case is fully justified. Models of this shipyard are primarily known for high quality production and good maritime characteristics.

Motorni brodovi | Nautički oglasno informativni portal

Leidi without engine costs about 75, euros, VAT included. First of all we noted that Leidi is designed for two engine options, outboard and inboard engine. With this, entire cockpit is fully connected with the salon. We can conclude that Leidi shipyard done a great job. Two years ago, started a project Leidiwhich already in the announcements caused great bura.


Due to the simple approach and sizable dimensions this is a real terrace, which will be especially appreciated if customer wants to swim or fishing. In addition, we have functional nurza spacious saloon. Vertical bow as a shipyard trademark, lateral line in a gentle curve to the boat stern, and wide quadrangular boat stern guarantee this recognition. The fact that cockpit and salon are on the same level and that door burzaa be opened completely further increases impression of space.

We started with overview from the majestic bowsprit. We have now tested a version with inboard engine Hyundai 3.

It is the engine nautile direct injection and variable geometry turbine VGT. Without exaggeration we can say it is on highest level. Rectangular cockpit in every corner has one bench. Spaciousness – Leidi gives you comfort of the 8 meters boat, within 7 meters length Conclusion We can conclude that Leidi shipyard done a great job.