The Family of Pascual Duarteby Camilo José CelaTHE LITERARY WORK A novel By Cela was hard at work on The Family of Pascual Duarte, his writing. Cela was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in October , and this novel is considered by many to be his masterpiece. It is the story of an ignorant. The Family of Pascual Duarte (Spanish: La Familia de Pascual Duarte) is a novel written by Spanish Nobel laureate Camilo José Cela.

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In late March, 3, small, medium, and large estates, mostly in Estremadura, were divided up among as many as 75, peasants.

A new Spanish edition was allowed in A good man who helped Pascual to leave prison for the first uose. The compromise aimed theoretically at re-establishing social and political order by better balancing the needs and demands of the upper and lower classes.

The Family of Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela

Feeling that even the dog was blaming him, he killed her with his shotgun. As a result the fundamental issues of socioeconomic justice in Spain festered, making radical left-wing political alternatives attractive to the laboring masses. In villages, towns, and teh, as Ernest Hemingway records in For Whom the Bell Tollsold personal wrongs and grievances fueled class hatreds.

The Family of Pascual Duarte Spanish: His sister, the future runaway and sometimes prostitute Rosario, was born about Having read the novel in manuscript, he considered it too morally problematic to endorse personally by providing a prologue for it. The Family of Pascual Duarte has various narrators, the main being Duarte, who recounts his history in a rural dialect.

This climate of fear and terror carried over into the literary field. Original title La familia de Pascual Duarte. Our protagonist is from Extremadura and cwla life unfolds throughout the years of andyears in which the social and political structures of Spain were marked by extreme instability. Faced by the need to re-establish effective parliamentary rule and to rehabilitate the tarnished image of Alfonso XIII, the post-Primo de Rivera government called for national elections in April The two married after he got out of prison.


In fact, it experimented with several kinds of democracy, including the antimonarchical, wholly elected government of the First Republic. Among the more spectacular of these events were. This said it must also be observed that Cela, partly because of censorship, partly because of his view of how fiction relates to society, does not make Pascual Duarte the kind of typical, representative character found in nineteenth-century realist novels.

Pascual ultimately killed him. Most of them had been imprisoned in the aftermath of the bloody repression by General Franco of a Communist rebellion of miners in the Asturias mining region of north-central Spain.

Inwhen Cela began reading to his friends fragments of what was to become The Family of Pascual DuarteSpain was still reeling from the effects of the Civil War. Share Add to favourites. This damilo is fundamental to the generation of tremendismo named from tremendo”awful, tremendous”which focuses camillo the treatment of its characters and is marked by extended and frequent violent scenes.

The novel is in fact considered the first novel of this style of writing, but also contains themes of extreme realism and existentialism: In Madrid, as a student and disciple of the poet Pedro Salinas, Cela participated fully in the cultural life of the country. When he obliged her to tell him by whom, she confessed that Stretch was her lover and then appeared to drop dead from fright.

The Family of Pascual Duarte | novel by Cela |

She was in love with Pascual even before he married Lola. Especially significant were the growth and militancy of the centralizing Communist Partyguided and supported by the Soviet Unionand growing autonomy movements in nearly all regions of Spain.


On the day Pascual is specifically remembering, he noticed Almendralejo in the distance. They were won by the Popular Fronta coalition of socialists, communists, Catalonian separatists, and republicans. In this section you can search among all our contents by topic to find the different resources available in Spain, such as museums, routes, destinations, monuments and many, many more. Just as he decided he could not kill her and was leaving the room, he made a noise that woke her.

Following the footsteps of the people involved rather than the order of events, I jump from beginning to end and from the end back to the beginning. The book could be said to explore a Spanish version of Existentialism known as tremendismo. Cultural routes Cities, towns and villages Fiestas and traditions Artists and creators Outstanding works.

She hit her children and was unfaithful to her husband, Esteban. Travel planner Save time and effort. This much amused his mother. The philosopher held that truth results from the discovery and reconciliation of all relevant, individual points of view. You will know how to forgive me the lack of order in this narrative.

There he learned that the mare had thrown Lola and that she miscarried. The day before taking up his pen again, he confessed his sins to the same prison chaplain who communicated with the transcriber in Pascual was born and lived in a house owned by his family, but, in a region of estates, without appreciable land for the Duarte family to cultivate.