Application program for pCO1, pCO2, pCO3,pCOC and pCOXS. We can assure you that the thorough reading of this manual will guarantee correct installation. Application program for pCO3. User manual. Manual version: of 09/03/ Program code: FLSTDMAC1E. LEGGI E CONSERVA. QUESTE ISTRUZIONI. Application software for pCO1, pCO2,pCO3, pCOxs. User manual. Manual version: We can assure you that the thorough reading of this manual will guarantee.

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The availability of inputs and outputs covers the requirements of the most sophisticated compressor racks in terms of the number and the function of the required control algorithms.

Key option Connector kit Used to copy the settings and the operating parameters between devices, between the key and the device, and vice-versa. Operation with floating condensing pressure control to increase the efficiency and the performance of the compressor racks. pci3

Carel pCO3 series Manuals

Three levels of access to display and program the parameters: Modulating condenser fan speed control using the PWM output. In terms of energy saving, the compressor rack has a wide range of operation, as the installed power is very significant: Possibility to separate compressor and fan control on one single user interface, with local network connection between the controllers.


Drastic reduction in the cost of electrical connections to remote fans.

We can provide OEMs and installers a csrel line that matches the results of their design efforts, maximising the results. From varying numbers of simple hermetic compressors to variable load or inverter controlled semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors. These units are simple to use and install, for the complete control of small compressor racks.

Carel – Modbus integration – Domat International

The control software in six languages, compatible with the different sizes of hardware, satisfies both the most common control requirements as well as the more advanced applications.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

The codes vary depending on the installation panel or DIN rail. High efficiency LED display to show the values monitored. Available in DIN rail format or for panel installation and with a complete kit of accessories.

See the Rack controller application manual for the configurations that are managed by the SW and the selection of the most suitable HW for your needs. Clearly visible icons represent the unit operating status and any faults.


Example of double suction line Example of single suction line outside temp. Each manufacturer adapts their products to requirements in terms of performance and kanual, and consequently the CAREL retail sistema has been designed to be flexible and customised. The use of E2V proportional electronic expansion valves in the refrigeration utilities at the point of sale exploits the maximum advantages of the energy saving functions in the compressor rack controller.