Carla Viana Coscarelli is the author of Tecnologias para aprender ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Carla Viana Coscarelli. Role(s). Artist. Collaborations: Palavrador [Francisco Marinho] [SIGGRAPH ]. Sponsored by: All artwork and text on this site are the. Tecnologias Para Aprender [Carla Viana Coscarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como aprender usando tecnologias ou o que.

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For this student the apple plays two roles: The reader should notice that some inferences are not adequate or expected, i. An interesting interpretation was given by Suj19H, for whom the use of the masculine pronoun “he” presents one element of the frame of seduction.

User Username Password Remember me. We can find analogies and dissimilarities among the elements that compose the mental spaces activated by this advertisement There is analogy and identity between the apple and Campari, as well as between the serpent and Campari, and there is a correlation between Adam and Eve and the consumer, i. Suj44C, for example, did not mention the Bible, its characters and facts, in any of his answers, but some of the answers questions 1,2,6 and 7 signal that he had made the connection between the apple and the drink, and inferred the consequences of this connection.

In order to build the hypertextual version of the ad, links were inserted Appendix 1leading to information about specific elements of the text, such as the apple, the biblical episode of the Original Sin, and about the drink Campari, for instance. On the other hand, were considered inadequate, answers that were too vague or that did not show that the student reach the aim of the question.

The students were asked to read the text on the computer in order to answer some questions about it afterwards. The independence of syntactic processing.


In this case, the serpent would be the element that is projected in the consumer. It is not necessarily the place czrla everything is perfect and where there is no sin, but a place where “sinning” is good and it is not a sin. As we can notice in the answers selected as examples, the students perceived this main purpose and went even further, presenting other reasons – as passion and sensuality – for the emphasis given to the pronoun, and bringing other interpretations for the color and font type used.


This vuana is not significant, and will tend to disappear when testing a larger number of students. In Portuguese, “ele” he is used either for humans and objects, enabling this polysemy. According to quantitative analyses of the answers, students that read the text in hypertext format achieved better results in all skills. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Em busca de um modelo de leitura | Coscarelli | REVISTA DE ESTUDOS DA LINGUAGEM

This connection among mental spaces can be noticed in many answers that reveal caral projections made by the readers in the mental spaces, and it also shows the interpretations that this integration makes emerge, as we can notice, for example, in the following answers: References CosCarelli, Carla Viana. Aspects of Meaning Construction in Natural Language. User Username Password Remember me.

What does the images of the serpent and of the apples make reference to? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Campari becomes, therefore, a symbol of seduction as much as the apple, also evoking the complex network of relations and meanings that the apple ultimately compresses.

We believe that the quick access to information makes the work of finding information in codcarelli text easier and stimulates the reader to go back to the text more often than he usually does when reading continuous texts.

In the answer to the question In the expression “Only he is like this”, what does “like this” refer to?

The answer given by Suj30C shows that this student used another frame to build an explanation for the absence of the bottle. Journal coscareli Experimental Psychology, v. The answers given by Sujl7H and Suj47H are examples of that:.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Lexical ambiguity and sentence comprehension: Task The students were asked to read the text on the computer in order to answer some questions about it afterwards. The letter H in the end means that this student viqna Suj15 – read the hypertextual format. In those answers, the students understand Campari as blending different elements of cosccarelli text, which makes it unique for compressing different features of those elements.

The aim of the first question – How would you explain this ad to a classmate? These students, however, mentioned the idea of “temptation” as a result of the connection among spaces. This explains coscafelli of the discrepant conclusions that research on hypertext has to face. On the other coscarellli, the narrative and the characters of the biblical narrative need to be projected into the domain of drinking, which happens in a different time and space.

Effects of syntax in human sentence parsing: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Other answers also reinforce this idea of rupture with the past, or the changes that took place during long history of mankind.

It is not the time of the creation cafla the universe, but modern times in which the human being has already been created, expelled from Paradise, and has covered a long historical and evolutionary line. So, the drink has sin in itself, therefore it provokes. Journal of Semantics, v.

And grammar for that matter gives evidence of these hidden mental activities and connections to coscarellu spaces. As we considered relevant to make a qualitative analysis of the data, we chose to test a small number or students in order to make this kind of refined analysis possible.

This fruit would be the agent of the provocation, and not the desired object.