If you really need to save it to a file and display it in the browser, use cfcontent with the file attribute.

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I have a site where users can fill out reports.

These resources have to be gathered by Cfdocument and embeded into the document. Personally, I consider this latter issue to be the most likely cause of performance problems.

It’s at least 5 times quicker to display the PNG.

ColdFusion Muse: Cfdocument and Performance

In fact use a template that lets me export reports to word or excel by passing in the extension I want to use along with the other variables I need for the specific report. If you really need to save it to a file and display it in the browser, use cfcontent with the file attribute.

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Here’s a quick example: The content however is fine because when I save it with extension. The first release of CF 7 pre-Merrimack had a significant bug when trying to render anc image. Filesize was way too large for some reason.

But, in this instance I get a red-x on PDF snd when I try to open the file created on the server with Fireworks or Photoshop I get messages saying its an unknown file type. This is, naturally, a processor intensive operation. The same scenario may be drawn for CSS files, movies, charts, fonts etc. Cfdocument and Performance Posted At: Presumably, Cfdocument opens the file, serializes it with the correct “PDFish” formatting for image and sticks it in the right spot in the document.

A PDF with a lot of external resources like a catalog for example would really cfdcument the resources of your server. This content has been marked as final.

This works a treat. Let’s say I have the following: You just have to write your own headers. I have just finished getting this to work.

The only exceptions are fonts. It happens on the client – and you are using the power of the desktop to do some of your work for you good for you! What’s the width of the next cell?


Differences between cfdocument and cfhtmltopdf

Please type your message and try again. David, I’m afraid that really has nothing to do with the entry here ok, it’s cfdoocument PDFs, and so is yours, but it’s a stretch. I’m back with a question, although it is not directly related to performance, so if I should post this someplace else please let me know. Mark Kruger Related Categories: I did some searching and found an explanation of it that suggests it can be any string so folks can either create such a variable or modify the 4 places it’s used within.

Discussion – ColdFusion

It’s not without it’s detractors, but personally I think it is splendid for what it can do. Turned out to be a versioning problem Otherwise, just omit filename from your cfdocument call.

Then you could manage that cached result any of the many ways that have long existed for caching other tag results in shared scope variables. Hello, how can I convert pdf to excel?

Turns out it’s not as easy as it could be.