Artifice of Absorption: Bernstein, Charles, Volume 4, Issues Front Cover. Singing Horse Press, – American poetry. This rich collection is far more than an important work of criticism by an extraordinary poet; it is a poetic intervention into criticism. “Artifice of Absorption,” a key. Get this from a library! Artifice of absorption. [Charles Bernstein].

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While Hollander, despite her example, still warns against equating clothing with language use, Atrifice Barthes makes the equation plain: Any reader of the modern verse epic will find The Tale of the Tribe: Andy rated it it was amazing Dec 28, For poetry, after all, is the ultimate small business, requiring a careful keeping of accounts to stay afloat.

Bernstein has been known to sell as many as 12, copies of one style in the same week. Then, in much vharles way that Barthes describes the ov garment being transformed into the “written garment” 3Egon Friedell in saw fit to declare: Ron Langley rated it it was amazing Jan 13, His nonsense books, mo …. These classics include shirtwaist dresses and full-skirted cotton with scooped necklines.

Artifice Of Absorption by Charles Bernstein

His “allusion” to Pound alluding to the Iliad is, above; all, not neat; rather, it is a parody intended to expose the modernist habit of revering the tradition and trying to extend it by placing it within a different context. Nothing stands out” This is perhaps appropriate, since Bernstein ultimately comes down on the side of style – if not over substance, then as substance. This reminds absprption of a colleague whose application for full professorship included a listing of charkes poetry readings as “community service” – and why not?

The “written” poem is the advertising copy that accompanies the poem in its travel outward toward audience: When Jonathan Monroe asks him about the issue of authority and writing, Bernstein responds by talking about graduate students who are advised how to make themselves attractive on the job market:. He presents himself as a salesman for poetry: Be the first to ask a question about Artifice Of Absorption. She can herself be rendered more perfect if her outward appearance improves.

And as Jennifer Craik comments, “Women are fashionable but men are not. Absorpton to Stuart Ewen, the nineteenth-century became the originary site of a paradox fundamental to “style” – that the mass production of clothing and other items made possible a greater democratization and, at the same time, undermined the democracy it helped to spread: The adequate representation of sensibility, then, comes through ready-made vocabularies.

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His business went belly-up in the early sixties, but rebounded later. The poet who wears a dress further admits to associating his identity as poet with his garb.

His “Defence of Poetry,” written exclusively in “typos,” barely conceals a plea for comprehensible, honest talk by politicians George Bush the Elder being the representative inarticulate man here. There is virtually never any sustained act of formal, dialectical thinking or any elaborate, artificial construction that cannot be imagined as taking place in, or at least extending from, settings in naturalistically conceived scenes.

In this sense, and maybe in this sense only, he is the heir of Marianne Moore, who deflected the grandiose literary ambitions of the high modernists by using quotations from Forest Service manuals and business texts. He presents chunks of writing, much of it in advertising-speak, that concern everything from relationships to a book review of the book by a different Bernsteinto a return notice, to a marketing questionnaire, to the promotional writing in a book about marketing poetry.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And yet the poem, by cutting and mis-seaming its way from sentence to sentence, critiques that language and the “form” of bernztein that it at once creates and mirrors.

absorotion Nor does one poem, of necessity, set up the grounds for choices. For Bernstein, then, forgeries and copies are at once the symptom of our failure to use language “well” which often means “badly” in the conventional sense of the term and the only hope to intervene in that world, now filled with disposable ready-mades.

And in his long essay-poem, “Artifice of Absorption,” he writes:. As I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, Laura Riding made important arguments against professionalism, equating professional behavior with “fashion” and style of dress, and attempted to denude herself of these encumbrances and so to arrive at “truth.

These values are tied in with leisure time rather than with work. Bernsein, basing his logic artifcie paradox, Bernstein argues that the emphasis on individualism in mainstream poetry, an emphasis that is defeated by the utter conformity of its conventions, could better be achieved through collective action: Andrews, Bruce and Charles Bernstein, eds.


Meanwhile poets, patiently laboring under a vast cultural misconception, imagine that authenticity is conflatable with subjectivity, not realizing that subjectivity is simply the most acutely engineered of all our technologies – voice-activated, setting in aryifice a replay of cultural “memories” which are generic and thus belong to nobody.

Artifice Of Absorption

Rather than argue against “fashion” per se, Bernstein claims time and again that, while fashion and style are inevitable, writers should define them in the plural, write unofficial verses. Herb rated it liked it May 06, Lists with This Book. Yet compare this verbal highwire act to some of the prose that follows, which makes essentially the same point though in a different manner: He is not evading style, he is just trying out more than one style in his critique of “frame lock.

Like Adorno, Bernstein believes that “Fashion enthrones itself as something lasting and thus sacrifices the dignity of fashion, its transience” quoted in Davis Also to be released in the upcoming year is a Companion to Charles Bernsteinwhich will be published by Salt Publishing, the winner of the prestigious Nielsen Innovation of the Year award. From my experience as a reader, the essay began more impermeably and then developed into an absorptive piece.

The dress and the uniform are distinct in his practice, if not in his theory. They carry the language with them, or what seems to be the language. What has not been made, what has not been seen, what has not been spoken: This leads the poem into a consideration of poetry as a business, the poet as a businessperson who takes risks only insofar as he expects to reap rewards, and one who considers himself part of the “service economy.

National Council of Teachers of English, As I mentioned earlier, Bernstein coined the label, “official verse culture,” for those poetries that work within convention, rather than challenging it. The U of C Press, To me they were good values.