King Rat. China Mieville, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Saul is snatched from the authorities by a mysterious savior named King Rat, who claims to be. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of King Rat by China MiĆ©ville. This novel is a resplendent supernatural tale moving to the brain rattling pulse of Jungle and Drum ‘n Bass. These musical styles are the natural.

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Saul Garamond’s come home to London after a camping excursion and finds the place quiet, empty of its usual domestic element. He is fond of describing his work as “weird fiction” after early 20th century pulp and horror writers such as H. However, when Natasha takes the stage to spin her recordsPete throws her a DATwhich has his flute samples on it.

Something has murdered Saul Garamond’s father, and left Saul to pay for the crime. You can help by adding to it. He had defeated the conspiracy of architecture, the tyranny by which the buildings that women and men had built had taken control of them, circumscribed their relations, confined their movements.

May 18, Derek rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, King Rat bursts from under the stage and attacks the Piper, but proves to be only a momentary distraction.

King Rat attacks the Piper with the Piper’s own flute; they both fall into the rent but King Rat jumps away, and suddenly the hole closes, the Piper on the other side. At one point Saul saves himself and Loplop by deafening the bird superior, making it so the Piper could not control Loplop. But the King is more Rat than human.

May 26, Phrynne rated it it was ok. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. La historia es sencilla. Those scenes could have easily been cut back.

And China makes some wager with Neil, a wager that Neil ultimately loses. He manages to forgo most narrative conventions and just create his own, a skill that few authors can master without a novel becoming unintelligible.

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It’s the first novel of His Cnina the expression I shamelessly stole from Richard and plan to keep using for a whileand it shows. Even with his newfound powers, Saul is forced to stay in the shadows with King Rat, but cannot forget his own friends and past. Perhaps it was my high expectations when I started this book, but I was kind of underwhelmed.

King Rat, a book by China Mieville | Book review

Within all of this and keep in mind, his descriptions work way better than my feeble attemptsI could see brilliance that I am sure is carried over to his other works.

Aug 14, Matt rated it it was amazing. It has rats, and filth, and piss, and gruesome murders and overall level of grotesque that made me put this book away a few times just to purge my brain of the images I really did not want to be setting camp there.

The two begin a one sided rooftop escape as King Rat carries Saul along. This, his first published novel, rings with a promise of literary magic, it is the herald of a new voice in our bookish clan. King Rat – UK. I think I liked it. Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books.

But had it come from most other writers – those lacking Mieville’s amazing way with words – it could have been seen as a strong and very promising work, a proud accomplishment.

This section needs expansion.

This is his debut novel and does not seem to be as widely read or recommended. If those are topics you have an interest in you will get more enjoyment out of it than I did. He writes, “The beat was all snares at first, fast and dreamy, and a sound like a choir welled up and then resolved itself into electronic orchestration, fabricated emotion, a failed search for feeling.

I have to comment on a major plot hole. A typically dark urban Like most people, I had read other books by the author before getting to this, his debut novel.

I can feed off your filth and live jing your house and sleep under your bed and you will never know unless I want you to. In the process Jungle music becomes the Piper’s ultimate weapon. Its beats provide a beating heart to this book yes, I actually tried to come up with this pun; I’m uncool like that, okay?


This was the last novel of Chkna Mieville’s that I had left to read, which is ironic as it was his first novel. That’s only after the narrative “looked out over London at an angle from which the city was never meant to be seen. As King Rat explains: Saul Garamond returns to the flat he shares with his father in London late one evening, skipping on greetings and heading straight kng bed.

It was like a love story to London, and Drum and Bass music. But if he had a paragraph worth of dialogue, chances are, I had to slow down my reading, and would get pulled out a bit to wonder what he was really supposed to dhina like versus my awkward attempt at it.

I certainly had fun with this one.


There were many scenes with Saul running from one location to the next, with street name after street name, and I couldn’t absorb any of it. The main protagonist rqt Saul Garamond is a fairly troubled young man who has a great deal of frustration and anger, which his well meaning but inexpressive father receives the brunt.

King Rat je roman sa toliko meville strukturom da je ispao predvidiv i dosadan. The boulevards and parks and suburbs and center of the city were taken, expropriated, possessed by the Wind.

The heavily tattooed one, with piercings in places you don’t want to think of, cla “Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree. London features strongly as not just the setting, but a character in its own right.