[Ita-eBook] Sit ‘n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman – By Ds & Mg. DownloadReport. Published on Nov View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. It is true that game change rapidly but i found that this Sit ‘n Go Strategy by Collin Moshman book is based on basics of playing single table. My name is Collin, I have played sit ‘n goes for the past 11 years and .. Just finished reading your book on sng strategy for the 2nd time.

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All these informations are very important for beginners like all of us. I do this so mosgman will not know if I have 88 or KK or 67s. Join more thanactive members on our forum.

[Ita-eBook] Sit ‘n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman – By Ds & Mg

Sit ‘n Go Strategy. September 28th,6: One year in I am varying my opening raise size.

I will admit that bet sizing is not something that I have ever really studied. Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Learn from online pros.


What am I missing here? Why would Moshman tell his readers to vary their bet sizes? If you still have questions, I would just shoot him a private message telling him you have a question about his book, he is a super nice guy. CardsChat is an online poker community ofmembers in countries.

I read that I should come in for a 2. July 16th, July 29th, October 2nd, 8: July 18th, I dont remember Colin advocating changing bet sizes based on hole cards, what I do remember is that he varies his bet sizing according to position and the size of the blinds. Originally Posted by Zeruts I read that I should come in for a 2.

Modern and updated SNG theory book for an intermediate player?

July 18th,5: The other thing to remember is that he plays stakes where the other players pay very close attention to bet sizing – at lower stakes you can do more exploitative bet sizing. At the opening level he may be opening to 3bbs and at higher blind levels he may raise to 2.

I totally forgot it existed lol. May 20th,7: This makes it really hard for me to get behind what he is saying. I picked it up yesterday and am now.


I’m intrigued, one year on are you varying your raises or still open-raising everything the same amount? I will however vary my 3 bet sizing depending on what I am trying to accomplish in a multi way preflop pot.

This tread is over a year old. Throughout the first 94 pages Collin repeatedly gives hand examples and details how the hands should be played. Please log in to like this post. Am I missing something in my play? Join the Conversation at CardsChat. Perhaps i should read the book again with over a years worth of new prospective. Originally Posted by FutherMucker. I will come in for the exact same amount regardless of what two cards I hold.

June 17th, 1: