Neologismele (); Despre progresul adevărului în judecarea lucrărilor literare (); Comediile domnului Caragiale (); Poeți și. de Ion Luca Caragiale Ne îmbrăcăm, domnule, frumos, și o luăm repede pe jos pân’ la teatru. LEONIDA: O mie, domnule, numa’ o mie. In Convorbiri literare is published the study Comediile d-lui Caragiale signed by Titu Maiorescu. Is born Mateiu, son of Maria Constantinescu, recognized by I. L.

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Largely reflecting his primordial study of dramaturgyCaragiale’s literature is indebted to dialog, as well as, in rarer cases, to internal monologue and free indirect speech the favorite technique of Naturalists.

Confessing at some point that “the world was my school”, Caragiale dissimulated his background and critical eye as a means to blend into each environment he encountered, and even adopted the manners and speech patterns he later recorded in his literary work.

He used what he saw and heard in his stories which generally focused on caragialf conflicts and political corruption.

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Caragiale thus noted that philosophical skepticism was equivalent to stripping the bone of its flesh piece by piece, and then throwing it to the dogs—without having been able to fully document the leg of veal or its substance. By the middle of the twentieth century, however, critics had recognised him as a writer of great insight. He was the subject of portraits and caricatures by various artists, and, inupon the completion of a five-year project involving cartoonists inside and outside Romania, he was designated “the most portrayed writer” by the Guinness Book of Records with over 1, individual drawings in a single exhibit.

Jordan and Lucian Predescupublished a common signature novel on the writer, ocmediile was criticized for its style, tone, and inaccuracies. He died suddenly at his home in Berlin, very soon after returning from his trip.

We can never truly grasp the depths of the characterisations, no matter how well we think we know the country, its history and its people. Clerk at Monopoly Administration. Caragiale was highly observant of the human condition, domnullui our tendency towards mistakes.

The plays, especially, were full of fast-moving action and farce, employing solid characters with witty dialogue who usually failed in their goals. Through his work for Convorbiri literareCaragiale became a recognised member of the literary circle, Junimea youth since the journal was their publication. Anxieties take the central stage in several of Caragiale’s writings.

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His insistences are not appreciated by the officials and he resigns. Thus, says THIS site, before Caragiale had even established himself as a playwright, he was somewhat known, at least in Bucharest, for his literary flare. During the s, Caragiale rallied with the radical movement of George Panubefore associating with the Conservative Party. Is the epoch of the calumny law suit with Constantin Al. Caragiale also contributed poetry to Ghimpele: Maiorescu takes him to Iasi, to read the play O noapte furtunoasaJanuary 18 – Opening of the comedy O noapte furtunoasa at the National Theater from Bucharest.

During the same year, Caragiale’s D-ale carnavaluluia lighter caraagiale of suburban morals comediilr amorous misadventures, was received with booing and heckling by members of the public—critics deemed it “immoral”, due to its frank depiction of adultery gone unpunished. Is there one in Shakespeare? In vain, Tipatescu tries to persuade the opponent, Catavencu, to give up the letter. Translates from French the tragedy in lyrics Defeated Rome by Al.

Ion Luca Caragiale was romantically involved with an unmarried young woman, Maria Constantinescu, who worked for the Bucharest Town Hall —inshe gave birth to Mateiuwhom Caragiale recognized as his son. With Venturiano, Caragiale also introduces criticism of the liberal journalist and lawyers.

During the same year, Caragiale’s D-ale carnavaluluia lighter satire of suburban morals and amorous misadventures, was received with booing and hissing from members of the public – critics deemed it “immoral”, due to its frank depiction of adultery gone unpunished.

Is the son of Luca secretary of the Margineni monastery and Ecaterina Conediile. Is there one in Goethe? Is born Mateiu, son of Maria Constantinescu, recognized by I. His father becomes a lawyer in Ploiesti – The boy goes to school in the second grade at the Princely School no.

Is born his second son, Luca Ion, the future poet. Tudor Vianu also noted that, among cities and towns, Caragiale preferred Bucharest and those provincial centers most exposed to Central European influences specifically, the summer retreats in the Prahova Valley and other Wallachian stations on the way to Transylvania.

Caragiale makes fun of these provincial bourgeois who think so terribly highly of comedlile. Brote, who fled Transylvania and planned to directly implicate the Romanian Kingdom into the conflict, attempted to replace the pro-Conservative leadership of the National Party with a selection of politicians favored by the National Liberals.


Everything gets lost in translation and one ends up with a wooden effect, a little bit like when someone has to explain a joke, if you see what I mean. Ion Luca Caragiale original works in Romanian. According to Tudor VianuCaragiale’s writings signify “the highest expression” of Romanian theatre, mirroring and complimenting the contribution that Mihai Eminescu had to Romanian-language poetry.

Maiorescu was pleased by its success, and believed that it was a sign of maturity in Romanian society, which, as he put it, was “starting to laugh” at the National Liberal rhetoric.


Autor:Titu Maiorescu – Wikisource

Ion Luca made his literary debut inat the age of 21, with poems and humorous chronicles printed in G. The writer had an unprecedented familiarity with the social environments, traits, opinions, manners of speech, means of expression and lifestyle choices of his day—from the rural atmosphere of his early childhood, going through his vast experience as a journalist, to the high spheres of politics National Liberal as well as ConservativeJunimist as well as socialist.

He concentrated instead on Claponulwhich he edited and wrote single-handedly for the duration of the war. Conservative Party politicians in Romania had succeeded in negotiating an amnestybut their policies were overturned by the National Liberals, who appealed to nationalist and irredentist sentiment.

It is uncontested – Ion Luca Caragiale was simply a genius.

Ion Luca Caragiale

Retrieved 3 July His understanding of what made his compatriots tick is as true now – if not all the more so – as it was in the 19th century. Several other of Caragiale’s characters have traditionally been considered allegories of social classes and even regional identities. His father, a lawyer, had been an actor for a time, and two of his uncles were managers of theatre troupes and very influential in the development of early Romanian theatre. ProzeEditura MinervaBucharest,p.

Despite his brief association with the mainstream Conservatives, Caragiale was probably never their partisan, and only hoped that the party could open the way for the reforms advertised by George Panu and Alexandru Lahovari.

Still in Berlin, away from his country.