Courage by Bienvenido Santos. 81 likes. Book. Courage by Bienvenido Santos . Book. 81 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook. Check out our top Free Essays on Courage By Bienvenido Santos to help you write your own Essay. So, let’s find out how a teacher showed his love and affection for his students in the story, “Courage” by Bienvenido N. Santos. 3. Vocabulary.

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Quivering- to shake rapidly with small movements.

For snatos he said nothing. Bernie is a fine boxer in his time, however in all of his game, he didn’t win any trophy or championship, he is always next to the champion, that’s why he is always contending to win a championship.

He turned again to Tia Binay. Suddenly he got up with a bound and seized it.

The scent of apples in the story The Scent of Apples refers to the low paying type of jobs that Filipinos had to take when they came to America. After knowing that he is sick in coming to school, i appreciate him as my teacher. But he did not act as if he was proud of bkenvenido feat.

Short Story Courage By Bienvenido Santos

Most of the names mentioned were those boys and girls who could not carry a tune. The other sections had at least one month to prepare. Lesson Proper Pre-listening 1.

Some of the students even hoped Mr. And there was Sion, perpetual guardian of a perpetually empty treasury. Sion was blushing, embarrassed by his own thoughts. The true problem is that Bernie is aging. No wonder those who knew him called him Sebiong Pasmado Sebio the weakling because of santso slight cougage, his spindle-shanks, his timidity.


Camouflage- something that is intended to hide, or mislead To him laughter in a classroom was a crime. Over and over he rolled in the dust, clutching widely at the air, at the earth around him as if he sought for something solid, some divine support that would bolster up his nerve.

What are the things he requested his students to do before his death? He came up violently against one of the mortars, and something heavy fell in the dust almost on his face.

What is the summary of courage by bienvenido N Santos

Often questions were asked just to make him commit a blunder but he never blundered. Here many sat and, while waiting their turn at the mortar and pestle, laughed and joked and ate unsparingly coourage the suman and bibingka of Tia Binay.

Preparation What is all about the saantos clip? He wanted to leave, to be alone with an ax and some logs on which he could give vent to all the bitterness that was in him.

When they studied the poem, Mr. I am an Ilocano.

They even wished he would stay away a little longer. But before unconsciousness came he had seen their eyes. Everybody talked at the same time: Slowly he became his old self again. While they were still holding their sides and slapping their thighs, Pacio stood up. Felix wanted his friend Bernie to see a specialist because he notice t … hat Bernie had some attack where he blackout.


What is the story of courage by bienvenido santos? | Yahoo Answers

Surveying his feat with glowing pride, Sebio felt a ripple run down the muscles of his arms, forearms, dourage. Here, too, we fought and loved Shared our dreams of a better place Beyond those winding trails. And the other teachers smiled and talk briefly to one another as they watch the first period classes file down, the corridors in orderly fashion.

There was Ambo and others. Why, my grandmother used them before I did, and so did her great-grand uncle before her. Such demonstration of approval from the ssntos, and repeated applause would encourage more difficult stunts. He was again his likeable self. Your task is to arrange the jumbled letters to get the synonyms of the difficult words. As hard as seasoned, knotted yantok!

That was one thing clearly wrong with him. There was other several other brilliant students. What kind of a program can we put up after 12 days preparation? He seemed to be holding a short rod that looked like iron.

Bill Carmena Lila Guzman, Ph. He served as an errand boy in the Villa for his high school and college educationwere supported by the rich Don Magno Medallada who wore the same family name as his but mentioned of no relevance to him.