Now it’s time to look at the WebLock component as another example of XPCOM components (since you’ll be creating it shortly). This is a book about Gecko, and about creating XPCOM components for Gecko- based applications. Though the emphasis is on the practical steps you take to. About. This is a step-by-step tutorial on creating, building and registering an XPCOM component on Linux and MS Windows.

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Hope this helps some one. Where does the Mozilla search for components. I tested alex’s complete code example.

Create and implement an XPCOM component for the Firefox browser

I am getting the error: I’ve tried to compile the source code, but nmake returns a Fatal Error. I was finally able to do something productive. It does not describe how to create interfaces for your class.

Does anyone now how to deploy automatically such a librarie componfnts a client browser when he access a webpage?

The link to part 5 of the IBM dw article is broken, the correct link is: Something is going wrong with component registration there?! By the end of the book, readers should have learned how to build a component and they will know something about the framework for these components in Gecko, which is XPCOM.


If anyone is having problems, eg getting unresolved references than check this webpage http: Xpcomm that measure, the impact of what Graphcore is about to massively When it is going to work, it will definately be a greet help for many programmers!

Creating XPCOM components with JavaScript | ZDNet

Hi, so it seems the example is working for firefox 1. In the extend file, you can add more complicated methods and functions.

I tried to make it an componemts instead, packaging the DLL and xpt file inside the components directory I imitated ColorZillabut same result In our case the implementation will be a Javascript object. Phillip Perkins is a contractor with Ajilon Consulting.

I just want to add an update. Click here to read the full license. The class will expose the methods and properties from our selected interfaces.

Implementing XPCOM components in JavaScript

Look up dependent glue in the table and use the settings there. For the other javascript examples I have tested and which have been registered successfully I though cannot call ‘createInstance ‘. Smartphone innovation to ramp in thanks to foldable screens, in-screen fingerprint, 5G 5G isn’t the only reason that the smartphone industry is getting interesting: My Profile Log Out.

I’ve been trying to make your xomponents work for PRFloat64 double numbers instead of integers It will, of course, work on your machine since you have Visual Studio installed.


For all of you out there xpdom are having problems with the sample not registering with Firefox one of the symptoms is the infamous “Type error: Closed all instances and started firefox again xpco, it worked.

So here’s what you need: The top of each chapter provides a list of the major topics covered. I get this output: Finally got everything to compile and xpcm up, but when I hit the “Go” button, Firefox crashes. Hmm, I can’t get it to compile either. Listing 6 shows a sample. The most basic interface nsISupports is used to retrieve the different interfaces that a component implements.

On the other hand the final cmponents http: I used gecko-sdk from mozilla 1.

For those having the dreaded “cid” problem This page was comopnents modified There are three layers of components: Hai, To make my component compatible with Firefox 1.