The main book of the Gods of Glorantha boxed set. Based on RuneQuest 3 system. More game-mechanical than Cults of Prax It treats comprehensively. So, my local FGS is having a bit of a sale on some Glorantha books and I was thinking of snathcing at least the Cults of Glorantha, because I’ve. Most Gloranthans believe the greater gods transcend any specific culture. Ernalda, Lodril, Magasta, Orlanth, Sedenya, and Yelm are all known.

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I know, chaos isn’t widespread in the 2nd age, but we could have at least had Thed or Mallia.

Cults Book

Notify me of new comments via email. Tales of the Reaching Moon. Some cults have restrictions on their initiates, such as ones that only accept women. The Cults of Glorantha The chapter rounds off with an extensive listing of the various cults of Glorantha along with their traits and special considerations. It is verbatim from the back cover. Another difference from Spirit Magic lies in the way that Rune Cults rely on a hierarchy.

Now for the not so gkorantha bits. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Hannu Kokko added it Aug 22, The companion book to Divine Cults of Glorantha, this sourcebook reveals the myriad cults, orders and sorcery schools that answer to no god or goddess – no higher power beyond the glornatha of its adherents. Aldrya has been held back for Vol 2.


The Gods respond to sacrifices offered to them in a ritualized manner conducted by the hierarchy. Each cult also has a list of skills that they can teach at reduced rates.

Cults of Glorantha | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Contained herein are cullts at the sorcerous cults of the God Learners and gglorantha spirit-questors of Glorantha’s ancient and sacred shamanic traditions. This is not an easy task, and even the most basic of Rune Culrs involves having to sacrifice POW to a diety to establish a connection and obtain the Rune Points necessary to request for such acts of culta.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There are also a few Dragon Cults and a new adv. With the use of Rune Magic, worship becomes a powerful force to importune the gods for acts of divine favor and divination. The Hierarchy Glorantha is a deeply religious setting, and thus any self-respecting adult is a member of a cult.

The Odayla write up refers to the “Peaceful Cut” as a cult spell but it is missing from the book. Sorcerer and Shaman characters will find this resource invaluable, fleshing out Glorantha’s magical practices, spirit cults and Middle Sea schools of sorcery. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Please select a support frequency. The one thing that gripped me on first reading Runequest 2 back in the early 80s wasn’t the skills based resulution system, or the magic system as such, or glkrantha of the other things that make RQ stand out from the crowd.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. There are some transformation spells and rather than the old 7 point battery of Magic you just need a single Mag 3 spell. What are the chapters, and how long are each?


I’m looking forward to the cults book more than any other, because for me it’s these religions gllorantha the cultures that they represent that make Glorantha a world I want to play in. Gloratha sorcery also features, from Troll orders and Elf to Dwarven cults, founded on principles few humans will ever learn and wielding magic few humans could ever hope to master.

Overall I like it.

But here’s the thing, I think they work quite well, it gives a good feel for each of the Cults that is accessible to new players. There is also a glorqntha Teshnos based Amazon cult for Glorantha.

More than anything else I’d ever seen in a roleplaying game, the cult descriptions gave me a fantastic insight into the world my characters lived in, not as a geographical location on a map, but as a living world with functioning societies and magic that has a reson for existing other than just as kewl powerz. The idea that Rune Masters are powerful and influential members of their own organization is excellent and again goes back to the thesis of Adventurers being heroes that serve a purpose in their communities.