If you are interested in breaking your game wide open when it comes to getting dates, you need to know what Cocky Funny is and how to USE IT to meet girls. Why “Cocky Funny” Works To Attract Women by Dating Expert – David DeAngelo When I talk to guys about how they feel trying to meet, approach, and talk to. What does David DeAngelo have to say about cocky comedy. How can you be cocky, funny, and attractive while dating women?.

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I meet a lot of hot girls, that seem to be perfect. So, when I meet a girl with freckles, eyes like a furious deep blue sea, or green eyes, like the stem of a flower, deanvelo women with attractively dainty build, nice butt we guys like it, come onand round breasts we like that too. But believe me, humor isn’t an absolute necessity. Online dating profile examples — these great profiles for men attract women. They are not average Me- “Wow, you are indeed gorgeous She- “What book is that,” she asked me, as she gave me that wondrous look.

Learning humor takes a great deal of work, and timing skill. Is there a way to make fun of their beauty? I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula.

Cocky and funny approach – David DeAngelo, PUA, Seduction Tips, Pickup Routines

You have never told deagnelo not to feel nervous, but not to behave nervous. Me- “I gotta go. Most women in their 20’s soak this up because they are challenged by even the coarsest humor.


Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh? Even though it’s obvious that you speak English as a second or so language, you get the concept So, here’s how this works: You know, I was hoping for cociy more romantic.

Examples of Cocky Funny Humor

I have always been funny, and separately, tunny. I appreciate all of the “Your stuff is great” and “I don’t need to tell you how well your stuff works” comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics NOW, if you’re reading this right now, and thinking to daavid “This is great stuff, I need to learn how to use my communication and humor to attract women”, then I have something to say to you:.

Your Friend, David DeAngelo. You have to be topical, timely and have great finesse in giving it.

At least the last girl cooked me dinner first. You are impossible, at least the last girl invited me for a drink first. Of course cocky comedy works. I like it because it’s the real deal. Guys go up to women all day long and say cheesy, ridiculous things.

Cocky Comedy: How to Be Cocky and Funny (5 Secrets)

While the concept may not be entirely new, its name cocky comedy certainly is, and DeAngelo is attempting to give men a new way to approach and flirt with women. We get into what really makes women attracted to you, how you can be successful with women, and the secrets to a successful relationship.

Do you know what it stands for? She laughed, and said, “No, silly PUA Vault July 19, at Check this girl out: But not because cocky funny pick up lines work, because these guys were hitting other attraction davir by accident.


She doesn’t find a guy with a sense of humor attractive… It’s the other way around – she’s attracted to him FIRST, then she laughs and thinks the guy has a good sense of humor. I davidd even worked for a few guys with really specific personalities. What you are the dirty one? To answer your questions – I really think that you’re doing the right things. Keep your eyes up here.

Just drift away a bit in your own thoughts and fantasise about your and her taking a bath together or laying at the beach and make it cheesy. I know you feel great, and proud of yourself when you see people like me being successful by following your techniques. There are two issues with CF and it is very important to know about them:.

Likewise, if she comes back with something that is less impressive, don’t bust her – she may be sensitive about it! We all know nice guys finish last, but how can we be polite to a woman without being too nice? These examples of CF are not all mine. As a matter of a fact, one way I could start a conversation with a hot girl is like this If you use too much of one and too little of the other, things just won’t work out.