There are two major objectives for this reference. One is to recommend practices that should be followed by clubs wishing to use DCC operations in conjunction. layouts. This manual gives many ideas, but in general remember that there .. layouts are now powered with. DCC. For very large NTRAK layouts with multi . In , NTRAK adopted a “Recommended Practice” (RP) for track wiring on mod-. The wiring practices described are based on Best Practices which have been demonstrated to work, both in a home layout and large modular layouts.

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If NTrak wanted to do a more complete specification, they would have looked more at the DCC side of the house and also did a qualitative study on the quality of the wire used.

A module is a portable section of table type structure which is but one part of a large group of like tables recommmended when all assembled together form a large and fully parctices model railroad. Ntrak wiring standard change Inkaneer Aug 2, In a group of enthusiastic model railroaders got together at an N scale meet in Signal Hill, California, and talked about what they could do to help interest people in N scale, and to share information about N scale. This makes it easy to set the switch direction depending on which nhrak the train is traveling.

Kato passenger cars be sure to include their current draw in any Booster current calculations. This is extremely important, especially for modules that have not been in a Show with digital operations.

Are you saying it would be better to use a smaller wire than the 12 gauge as specified? Disable Command Station function when necessary. Ensure the connections are tight. I honestly haven’t read the standard, I just know what our club cor using, which is very high grade home theater 12 gauge speaker wire which I am very comfortable with.

Appoint a Digital Master for the club.

It will probably go on my Ntrak module when I get around to building one because I would rather build beyond the minimum and know my module will not be the weak link.


Electrical Standards may differ with each scale.

NTRAK layouts combine beautifully detailed modules, with long trains running on the two main lines. We will usually have at least two trains per line at a show.

RPs are those figures that the Engineering Committee has established through actual ntram and feel are beneficial to operation. What exactly is your objection anyhow?

Once programming is complete, set the Command Station to the “sleep” mode then reconnect the normal LocoNet cables.

DCC for NTRAK and T-TRAK Layouts | NRMRC

Dimensions shown are for N scale. Most Ntrak clubs I know used 16 gauge wire.

The same committee was asked to work on an acceptable method for supplying VAC that complies with code because we were already available.

Be sure to keep trains running on the other tracks whenever one track is shut down for staging. The above ensures that track polarity will be correct for the tracks served by the Power Booster to which they are connected.

DCC for NTRAK and T-TRAK Layouts

Walkaround throttles can be tethered or wireless. Spectators at a train show pay attention to activities, and may stay longer watching the layout. While these throttles do provide a low-battery alarm, the signal may be missed by the operator, especially in a noisy environment. The two types are required because two distinct areas of operation used in the existing modules.

It adds an address to each packet so only the intended decoder receives and responds practics the information.

NTRAK Standards and Recommended Practices

We are such a mobile society and reconmended modules make it very easy to move a layout from one home to the next without destroying all the work that went into it.

Problem is you can’t always count on those individuals to be present when the inspector comes by. This publication lists locomotives acceptable for use at Shows.

Which one is really your choice. Is it cost, the effort to replace the wiring on you module, the difficulty in finding the proper parts?


Introduction & Overview | National Model Railroad Association

You can do things with a Digitrax system that you cannot do with any other DCC system. Naturally this applies accross the board as it is now the Ntrak standard. For a while, our system tapped in at two places in the layout to cover voltage drop on the back side, away from the main power modules. The length of the power district depends on the acceptable voltage drop at the far ends of the district based on 20 gauge wiring. They often contain drawings or sketches as an aid to construction.

Use the right throttle knob to change the ID, which can be 0 to 7. Again be careful to ensure the wire from the connector wide blade goes to the switch terminal on the same side as the wire to the front rail.

Before starting it would be useful to attend a meet where modules are set up and operating and discuss the pros and cons of both module types and then decide which type best suits your goals. All decoders receive all packets sent from the Booster through the track. Be sure there is only one Command Station controlling the entire layout. WestfalenAug 4, Repeat the test at each end of the Power District.

The only LocoNet outside of the control case is for throttles. However, if trains are to cross from one power district to another served by a different Booster another step must be taken. Last edited by a moderator: This did run in the NTrak newsletter, which I occasionally receive.

To increase throttles you must obtain throttles and receivers that operate on mtrak second frequency a Digitrax special order item. So much power was lost in the wiring that only a couple of locomotives could run at any one time in the power district.