Network Working Group H. Hakala Request for Comments: L. Mattila Category: Standards Track Ericsson J-P. Koskinen M. Stura J. Loughney Nokia. For more information, see the Diameter Credit-Control Application protocol specification detail: Opens a new window. RFC Diameter Credit-Control Application August 5. Click here to download RFC TXT format PDF format coming soon. DCCA and Gy.

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The values are for permanent, standard commands allocated by IANA. AA request AA request generically refers to a service specific authorization and authentication request.

After dccca the transport connection can be disconnected. Session state is not maintained. The specific service or rating group the request relates to is uniquely identified by the combination of Service-Context-Id and Service-Identifier or Rating-Group. When creating a request, the End-to-End Identifier is set to a locally unique value.

These operations are accomplished with the one- time event. The credit- control protocol is the Diameter base protocol with the Diameter credit-control application.

Credit-Control Application Overview The credit authorization process takes place before and during service delivery to the end user and generally requires the user’s authentication and authorization before rfv request 0406 sent to the credit-control server. The final interrogation is dccq to exit the process. Abstract This document specifies a Diameter application that can be used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services such as network access, Session Initiation Protocol SIP services, messaging services, and download services.


Table of Contents 1. The first interrogation is used to reserve money from the user’s account and to initiate the process.

Retrieved from ” https: The message flows are in general driven by the control-point asking for units and the server granting them. Adding a new optional AVP does not require a new application. Network Working Group H.

Diameter Credit-Control Application Protocol

Session based credit-control is described in more detail, with more variations, in section 5. The client starts by requesting 10 units from the server.

It may also interact with business support systems. In order to support real-time credit-control, a new type of server is ecca in the AAA infrastructure: It monitors the usage of the dvca quota according to instructions returned by credit-control server. In contrast, credit authorization with direct debiting is a single transaction process wherein the credit-control server directly deducts a suitable amount of money from the user’s account as soon as the credit authorization request is received.

Views Read Edit View history. Credit-Control Application Related Parameters It is reasonable to expect that a ffc level agreement will exist between providers of the credit-control client and the credit-control server covering the charging, services offered, roaming agreements, agreed rating input i. In some cases it might be possible that the service element in the visited domain can offer services to the end user; however, a commercial agreement must exist between the visited domain and the home domain.

It provides a general solution to real-time cost and credit-control. These formats are observed in Credit-Control messages.

Diameter Credit-Control Application – Wikipedia

For session based credit-control, both the credit control client and the credit-control server are required to maintain credit-control session state. Therefore, it is assumed that a Diameter credit-control server will provide service only for Diameter credit-control clients that have agreed beforehand as to the content of credit-control messages.


Network access is an example of a service offered in the visited domain where the NAS, through an AAA infrastructure, authenticates and authorizes the user with the user’s home network. System internal interfaces can exist to relay messages between servers and an account manager. When real-time credit-control is required, the credit-control client contacts the credit-control server with information about a possible service event.

Diameter Credit-Control Application

The credit-control server is required to maintain session state for session-based credit- control. Upon receipt of a successful credit authorization answer, the credit-control client allows service delivery to the end user.

By using ecca site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Received answers that do not match a known Hop-by-Hop Identifier are ignored by the Diameter agent. The Diameter protocol defines a policy protocol used by clients to perform policy, AAA, and resource control. The other Diameter applications provide service specific authorization, and they do not provide credit authorization for prepaid users.

Protocol transparent Diameter relays can exist between the credit- control client and credit-control server.