Host – Stephenie Meyer – “The Host― is a Stephenie Meyer PDF The. Host is one of the . DESCARGA EN. PDF: La Huesped ( host – stephenie meyerdescarga en pdf: la huesped (the host), de stephenie meyer. The Host: (La huésped) – Ebook written by Stephenie Meyer. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact.

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Not only because he continues to ignore the fact that descaegar is not Wanda’s body he’s kissing and that Mel has a right to it, but he seems willing to kill his own brother to protect the very thing he’s been fighting against. And it’s made me half sad and half really fucking angry.

La huésped

I am just a lowly reader and spender, not a publisher. It would seem so. This was just so much better than Huespev, and that was so relieving.

And that will never change, no matter what I might become.

I like Jamie, best character besides Kyle in the whole damn book. Which she only does because Mel’s little brother Jamie stabbed himself in the knee with a knife and got an infection which was the Doc’s fault since he knew they didn’t have any medicine and the safest thing to do after it was getting worse was to amputate.

I don’t know exactly what I think of this book.

Not to mention that Melanie Stryder, i mean, Bella Swan In Twilight, red-eyed vamps are the bad guys and golden-eyed vamps are the good guys I don’t remember if anyone says what colour eyes the vamps who drink donated blood from a bag have.


The Host is a phenomenon and everyone who hasn’t read it must go get it now. I think the first readjustment to my assumptions was with the alien race and Wanderer in particular.

They just grow and reproduce. So how do you get a soul from its pre-parasitic days to a parasitic state via evolution if they need to be surgically attached? View all 66 comments.

CLUB DE LECTURA MARIPOSA: La huésped – The host de Stephenie Meyer

I wish she made the ending the chapter before the last, the one before she skipped pages in the book. Please, forgive that and tell me your name, anyway. Even Wanda, who starts off as a terrible liar, is a good enough liar to steal from an alien hospital. They destroy minds of humans and possess the bodies. I wouldn’t have picked it up, knowing the storyline as I did, except that my sister had it in her room and I was bored. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

We are then introduced to our protagonist: I don’t need to tell you that I never cared about Bella. As for Wanda herself how she changed from first juxtaposing her ingrained annihilation justification mryer her extreme pacifist views to sympathy for humans and eventually protective love for the planet.

They wouldn’t waste time and effort making junk food. Boring chapter, but maybe the humans are going to be the heroes.

La huésped – Wikiquote

View all 15 comments. It reminded me of Annon and Riane in Eric van Lustbader’s Pearl Saga, a boy in a girl’s body whose individual identities are slowly merging yet still conflicting – written so well, I think Lustbader created a whole new gender. Everyone who has been shielding her libgo constructive criticism needs to stop holding her hand.


Of course, Ian ends up pretty near perfect with his perfect understanding and perfect kindness and perfect love.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I was already irritated because the way the story was being set up was that we the human readers are supposed to be rooting for the body-snatching, world cleansing aliens because they are “good” and we are supposed to be seeing the human resistance as bad because humanity as presented in this book is incapable of respecting and taking good care of our beautiful planet. This may have been for the best, because when we did eventually get around to exchanging words, sixteen years after our first meeting, it only took nine months from the first “hello” to the wedding; of course, we were able to skip over a lot of the getting-to-know you parts.

I have been mystified by this writer because so very many people adore her, but I just don’t get it. This is where Meyer’s storytelling has improved.